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May / 14 / 2020
4 Trends to Keep an Eye On This Summer

The beauty of following trends isn´t based on buying the latest hype in fashion only to discard it the following season, but in exploring different designs, colors and shapes to enhance and amplify your wardrobe.

Apr / 14 / 2020
5 Must-Have Handbags for Spring/Summer

When the calendar starts ticking over to the warmer months, it can pay to get ready for those spring and summer schedules by getting a bag more suitable to the warmer environments.

Mar / 18 / 2020
Meet the latest artist who is collaborating with Onesixone

We focus on more than just fashion, we want every piece to tell a story, and above all, to be a piece of timeless art.

Mar / 09 / 2020
How Onesixone Empowers Women

OneSixOne is not just a luxury bag brand; it represents the combined efforts of top artists, mathematicians, and awardwinning jewelers and designers.

Mar / 04 / 2020
5 Things you didn’t know about the artist Kelly Beeman

Getting to know an artist can be an exhilarating experience. It’s not about casually knowing their place of birth or marital status; it’s about getting to know the depth of their imagination, their emotions, their unique way of experiencing the world and life.

Jan / 29 / 2020
Valentine’s Day gifts to surprise that special woman in your life

February 14 has established itself as the day of the year to officially celebrate love. It can be common to get wrapped up with our lives that we forget to give a demonstration of love to that special someone. That’s why this day is extra special.

Jan / 20 / 2020
The 4 Best Luxury Deals This Seasonal Sale


If you need to lift your spirits a little, don't forget that January is also the best month for shopping, since ever the most luxurious and expensive brands in the world have the best promotions and discounts thanks to this particular change of season.

Dec / 13 / 2019
5 Reasons Why a Onesixone Handbag Makes the Best Christmas Present

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The time of the year when we go all-out to find the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones, and of course, ourselves.


It can be a tricky challenge to find the perfect Christmas present for someone who has everything. You know you want your gift to stand out and make it a memorable item that holds sentimental value. Something that will be carried with pride, joy, and love.

Dec / 05 / 2019

The latest Onesixone collection has been created in collaboration with artist Nanda Botella from Valencia, Spain. Onesixone is a luxury handbag line designed by Adrián Salvador. Every limited collection features an acclaimed artist’s unique vision.

Dec / 04 / 2019
How to choose an ageless handbag?

There are fashion trends that will last one season and fashion glamour that lasts a lifetime.


Unknowledgeable fashion trendsetters will go for current items that are trending but that will be outdated by tomorrow. Nevertheless, a true connoisseur will see beyond temporary marketing strategies and focus on exclusive, ageless, tasteful and artistic pieces that demonstrate a real fashion sense, but above all, exquisite taste.


Oct / 25 / 2019
How to take care of your luxury handbag?

If you think about a piece of art, would you try to rub the surface of it with a common cloth to clean it? Not really, right?


Aug / 28 / 2019
Art designed by women that transcends gender

Throughout history, the female presence in the art world has been severely repressed. Most of the big names in the art world are men. However, this does not mean that women do not have the creative eye to create majestic works of art, instead women have not been given the opportunity to express themselves for thousands of years.


Aug / 09 / 2019
How to rock your Onesixone?

Every occasion and every event require a well-thought-out outfit that can make you stand out for all the right reasons.


Handbags have become the quintessential accessory to enhance any outfit. You can be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but with the right handbag your outfit will make you look like a million bucks.



Jul / 16 / 2019
5 Examples where art and fashion merge

Fashion and art have been creatively related for thousands of years. Since the ancient Egyptian civilizations, we have seen how societies have focus detail, attention and creativity into making fashion garments accomplish not just a necessary function, but to exalt a meaning and an intention. The present is no exception when it comes to expressing...

Jun / 14 / 2019
Gea – The Ultimate Handbag

Our handbag, Gea is an elegant and unique bag, like all Kelly Beeman´s collection to which it belongs to. Kelly´s Collection is inspired in many of her works of art. The Golden Ratio as inspiration. The model Gea is a handbag inspired in the Golden Ratio, as it can be appreciated in its geometric shape...

Jun / 04 / 2019
The quality is in the details. That’s what matters most at OneSixOne.

From the creative director and artisans to the person who packs and ships your bag, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for years to come. Much can be said about the quality and details of a OneSixOne bag but you will never really...

May / 13 / 2019
Onesixone, the Brand that emerged from art

What is Onesixone? According to the definition provided by the luxury expert Susana Campuzano in her book La formula del lujo, Onesixone is defined as a niche luxury brand, which thrives on culture, creativity and innovation. Onesixone creates handbags in limited edition collections designed by contemporary artist and created in Ubrique, Spain. With only 161...

May / 05 / 2019
5 Extraordinary Mother’s Day Presents

An Extraordinary woman deserves an extraordinary gift, but what can possibly be a suitable present for the woman who raised, nurtured, loves and cares for you? The truth is that there’s probably no gift that is bigger than being given the gift of life. However, there are extraordinary presents that can symbolize and represent the...

Apr / 17 / 2019
Elegance, art and design: The Golden Ratio

Do they have anything in common? 2,300 years ago, Euclides of Alexandria already talked about the ratio derived from the division of a line, following what he calls “extreme and medium reason”. The division of a segment with this proportion, is equal to the number 1,61… Onesixone. The Fibonacci Succession and the Golden Ratio are...

Mar / 08 / 2019
Nanda Botella

“Chance is not a “mechanism”, or a given strategy, but a process of production of differences that, in turn, has very varied forms" Having joined the world of art at a very young age, Nanda Botella (Valencia) creates paintings and installations that are nourished by a very colorful and vibrant aesthetic. Nanda opens a window...

Mar / 08 / 2019
5 Reasons you Deserve a Onesixone Bag for Valentine’s Day

As women, we juggle a lot in our lives. A career, social life, relationship – the list can seem endless. This is why we are firm believers in treating ourselves from time to time, whether that’s a relaxing day at the spa or the purchase of one of our designer bags. Although you really don’t 

Dec / 06 / 2018
Know the curiosities of New Year around the world

By ONESIXONE The last day of the year is a date to toast for the good things that have happened during this year, and to let go and these things we do not want to remember any more. Each country has its own traditions and its original way to dismiss the year, each one more...

Dec / 06 / 2018
Onesixone is ahead of 2018 and launches its new website

Minimalism, elegance and design are some of the adjectives that can describe the new Onesixone website. The brand presents a light and pleasant site that focuses on the values of its most artistic bags and in facilitating a pleasant user experience. A greater effort has been made to show the fundamental values of the firm and...

Dec / 06 / 2018
Anna Talens work of art and inspiration

The Artist Anna Talens is an artist born in Valencia, Spain, although nowadays she lives in Berlin. It is in this city where she has developed great part of her artistic career, and where she has found inspiration for many or her works.   This artist studied in “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, where she was...

Mar / 06 / 2018
Magi 2018, the last whim

Many are the countries in the world that celebrate with more enthusiasm the Day of the Magic Kings rather than Santa Claus. In the most of the European countries, and many in the south American continent, the 6th of January is full of...

Dec / 12 / 2017
The perfect Christmas Look. Leather and metal.

Christmas dinner, meetings with friends, family, colleges… Christmas has already arrived, and for all those events, you wish to be perfect and look your best outfits. During this Christmas parties, you want look gorgeous and fashionable. This is why we propose you some tips to combine your garments and ideas of accessories. A very feminine...

Nov / 30 / 2017
The luxury bag, from the perspective of Greta Fernández

Greta Fernández: “The power of a bag can be very strong”. Young actress Greta Fernandez gives an interview to Glamor Spain magazine, where she declares her passion for luxury handbags. The interpreter focuses on the power of a good bag, which is able to completely transform a look depending on the way it is weared...

Oct / 20 / 2017
ONESIXONE, a finalist in the 2016 National Craftsmanship Awards

ONESIXONE has become to be finalist of the XI Edition of the National Handicraft Awards in the category of product, awarded to the best handmade products or collection, during the last two years...

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