Hobo Endless

Hobo Bag, the most useful Onesixone bag

The Onesixone handbag that succeed in the Street style

It is a unique handbag that you can dress and combine in your day to day activities. The mix between sophistication and simplicity in a bag.

Inspiration and shape. 

Hobo Bag

The handbag Hobo Endless belongs to the artist collection of Anna TalensTogether with the creative director of the firm, they have been working on this new model looking for inspiration on Anna Talent’s work. Her work is based on textures, the diversity of materials and the impressions of them. Endless has been created using the leather moulding technics based on the work of the artist “Wind Holders”. 


is about a completely different handbag from the iconic handbag of Onesixone, Gaia, but it still maintains the values of the brand, such as phi value, harmony, symmetry and perfection.

Its shape resembles that of a flower bud opening, as if it were petals.It is an infinite and organic volume designed by the repetition of a pattern representing the eternal, endless and repetitive equilibrium of the golden ratio.


Hobo Bag Mustard

This large and practical bag has been made by artisans in Ubrique, as it seen in its finished and careful preparation.


His leather Napa creates a soft but not flat texture, making it a lightweight and easy to carry bag. 


In the inside of it, there are many safe pockets for your different accessories such as mobile phone, lipstick, purse, keys… 


How to style it 

It is a handbag that you can always wear in your daily routine, very handy and large, that it allows you even to carry your iPad or personal agenda. You can wear it on your hand or arm, but also, thanks to the long strap that is included, you can wear it on your shoulder or cross along your body. 

Hobo Bag Grey

The condition of limited edition has made that Hobo Endless


Mustard and Jean have been sold out their 161 units. Whereas, you are on time to acquire this leather handbag in Grey, to dress it with all your winter and autumn looks.

Although, if you have already fall in love with this handbag, I recommend you to keep an eye on it, as soon there will be news and new models of this Hobo Endless.