Intervened by artists

Made by craftsmen

Limited edition bags

Only 161 numbered pieces


The Collecctions

    Bags Beyond Artist

Queen Rania of Jordan

                            Limited editions

to 161 numbered pieces

             Intervened by artists

Designed according to

                      the golden ratio

Basalt: the leather handbag that never goes out of style

If you are that kind of people that prefer quantity rather quality, you can stop reading and leave Onesixone website, there is nothing you are looking for here. If the sum of craftmanship, art and exclusivity means something to you, maybe you have found...

Tips for being the best wedding guest

  After Lolita Jacobs wedding, with a short wedding dress and flat shoes in red colour, there would be many brides that have decided to break with the rules of a normal wedding. It’s your wedding, why don’t you do what you desire? But, if in this occasion,...

Girls and Chairs, the most desired handbag

Girls and Chairs, Why is this handbag so special?   Its colour, its illustration, the message it contains…   Gaia Small Girls and Chairs is one of the most desired pieces.   This handbag contains the illustration made by Kelly Beeman, three women sat on...