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Reina Rania de Jordania

                         Exclusive editions Limited to

  161 numbered pieces.

              Interverned by artists

Design based in Aurea


Golden ratio: the origin of Onesixone

As well as people have traits that characterize them (personality types, physical traits ...) and make them unique among others, the Onesixone handbags have details that mark their identity, and differentiate them from any others. There're many qualities...

The perfect outfit for your Christmas dinner

  December is coming. It is the Christmas month but also the month of events and dinners: dinners with friends, company dinner, family dinner, Christmas and 31st of December… For all of them, we spend a special time looking for the perfect outfit. Although...

Winter trends 2019 come in pairs.

    As much as we want to resist, winter has begun and there is no turning back. Have you already changed your station clothes? Or are you waiting to know what the trends are in case you have to upgrade? Open the doors of your wardrobe wide to receive, in...