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A conversation with Marleigh Culver

Onesixone conversations is an initiative that was born during the pandemic. In the middle of the confusion and calm that emerged in equal parts, we found the perfect moment to sit down and chat virtually, without masks, with leading personalities from the world of design, art and culture.  

A series of exclusive meetings that invites you to meet new emerging proposals, undertake and learn about different points of view and ways of living.

This proposal was born as a reflection of the values that move Onesixone,the passion for art, crafts and fashion from a different, unique perspective.

This time we sat down to chat virtually about art, fashion and culture with the new York city artist Marleigh Culver. Marleigh Culver



Marleigh CulverMarleigh Culver artist is a NY-based freelance artist and designer.

Her first concerns in the world of design arose at the age of 12 when she discovered Photoshop and Illustrator, long before she knew that she was design. Since then she has been forming herself in the world of art and design and growing to work in brands such as GAP and Lalo.

She says that her purpose as her designer is to apply her own critical eye, her perfectionism and her personal taste to create meaningful and unique things..

Currently, in addition to her work as a designer, she also dedicates part of her energy to freer and more abstract creations through paintings and prints.In this way, she manages to transmit her emotions and to recreate her own artistic impulses.  

These creations have resulted in collaborations with many brands such as the Coach handbag brand, Nike sweatshirts, the Fella Swim swimwear brand, or decoration items for Baola, among others.


Onesixone in conversation with Marleigh Culver

161: Where are you living during quarantine?

Marleigh Culver: I´m living in Brooklyn in the apartment I share with my fiancé! We haven´t left the house for over 76 days. I´m not sure if we have the virus or not, or if we never showed symptoms, so we have chosen to stay inside to not put others in possible danger.


  1. 161: Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork?

Marleigh Culver: Absolutely everything! I love surrounding my home with beautiful objects and plants. I love anything made by nature. It´s so unique and incredible. I also use a lot of feelings or memories to translate into my work.

Shadowplay is really interesting and cool to me and a good way to find new shapes.

Marleigh Culver painting in her house

  1. 161. Do you have art in your home?

Marleigh Culver: I have 6 of my own paintings hanging up! It´s not a narcissistic thing, my paintings have their own lives, and they make me so happy to look at. I haven´t been able to live in a space with art hanging up in years.

We have a couple other pieces but illustrators and artists. I think it´s so important to hold space for handmade and things by other humans in your living spaces.


  1. 161: Who is one of your favorite artists?

Marleigh Culver: I love Landon Metz. His work is so breath- taking. I love the shapes, colors, paint application, how he displays his work.


  1. 161: What do you love most about your job as an artist?

Marleigh Culver artwork

Marleigh Culver: I love being able to just paint. There is nothing like the headspace or act that makes me feel so in tune with my intuition and being.








  1. 161: Who are your fashion icons?

Marleigh Culver: When I think of an icon, I think of people with beautiful and individual stile like Solange, Zoe Kravitz, Florence Pugh, Jane Birkin. I love since and I have a similar body type.


  1. 161. Which is your favourite style Onesixone Bag?

Marleigh Culver: I have been a fan of Kelly Beeman for so long! I love the abstract crop of this artwork on the large Gaia Bag. The silhouette is so nice and reminds me of the 1960s.( see collection)). 


  1. 161: What are your 2021 goals?

Marleigh Culver: I want to be more active in my community, vote, keep painting, move to a new city.

Marleigh Culver 3

  1. 161: What are you looking forward to doing this year?

Marleigh Culver: Keep working with small brands brands to find their voice through design and artwork!


  1. 161: Would you like to collaborate with Onesixone? If so, what artwork could we expect to see on the bags?

Marleigh Culver: Totally! I would love to do a design that it is two colours, that would work with all outfits, more general abstract works.