In this collection, the contemporary artist Kelly Beeman reflects her interpretation of the harmony and balance that arises from the golden ratio inspired by the brand. Only 161 numbered and personalized units of the artist collections are produced. All the jewels are plated in 14k gold made by the famous jeweler Helena Rohner.

Kelly Beeman

In my creation for Onesixone, I was inspired by bodies, and nature form an abstract representation of unity – each entangled, touching, and overlapping, indistinguishable from the whole.

The human condition is a contradictory one, riddled with antagonistic impulses. As individuals we drift between a deep awareness of our collective being, and the self-important demands of our egos – alone, detached, and differentiated.

Together our dissimilar experiences can also create a delicate harmony when transformed into a desire to connect with someone else, to practice empathy.

Music is the pulse of collective existence, and the soul of this collection. Exploring the various applications of the golden ratio, I investigated ancient Greek musical theory, discovering that Greek theater evolved from Dionysian rituals in which music was a vital part. Using choral music composed in specific harmonic modes (dithyrambs), participants would dance in wild abandon to achieve a state of unity with each other, nature, and the gods. Yearning for oneness evolved from ritual to art form; creative expression is one way to traverse the boundaries between one person and another.

In the collection artwork, my concern was primarily with the internal and collective, and the possibility of a human essence which is constant, unchanging, and present in all of us. My intention was to create continuity from one figure to the next, resulting in a dynamic pattern – the fabric of humankind. We then adapted this artwork to the collection using embroidery, a technique that also happens to have a powerful metaphoric significance; to be alive is to be interwoven with other living things.

I enjoy this thought – that there is a thread that runs between us and from our singular lives a magnificent tapestry is sewn, filled with different complimentary forms, shapes, colors, expanding infinitely. Occasionally we have momentary glimpses of its splendor, maybe even recognizing ourselves within the threads of this extraordinary fabric.

Contemporary life can be the most extreme example of alienation, and yet art flourishes as we long for new ways to reach one another, to find common ground and understanding. Our attempts may at times be desperate, floundering, and with flawed and fleeting results, but this inexhaustible quest is the permanent foundation of beauty, and that the results are imperfect is beauty at its most profound.