Vicky Uslé en NY

Leather bags painted by Vicky Uslé. Meet the artist

The artist collection of ONESIXONE was inaugurated by the worth painting work of the well-known artist Vicky Uslé, which can be appreciated in the bags of the collection that has her name. This direct intervention in a daily object gets the art to be democratised, bringing closer the artistic values that such unique object has to the cosmopolitan women. Vicky Uslé, presente en los bolsos de la colección que lleva su nombre. Esta intervención directa en un objeto cotidiano democratiza el arte, acercando los valores estéticos a la mujer actual que porta un objeto artístico único.


Estudio de arte de Vicky uslé

Vicky is considered to be an international artist. Although she was born in Santander, Spain, she grew in New York. Travelling has been is channel of inspiration and creation. Her work is characterised by the similarity with abstract painting. She is capable to transmit many feelings in her paintings.


Her work evidences feelings of optimism and generosity, certainty and determination that are shown in the capacity for invention of abstract images of poetic potential. Her work functions as drawings, possessing qualities like spontaneity, dynamism, freedom, fluidity or lightness, even as some of the images are particularly complex

Onesixone Vicky Usle definitivo 20 copie

This relates to refractory spaces, constructed through repetition of the movement of brushstrokes that act as modular or architectural images

Organic and whimsical forms, but also with other geometrical forms that are analytical in nature, floating through an empty and clearly metalinguistic space, in which this is articulated, folding and retracting like the shifting forms of a kaleidoscope

"Im interested in how we are done, our muscles 

so this is the origin of the repetition in my works."

 And architectural structures floating on white backgrounds.

Bolso de piel pintados para ONESIXONE. “Bags Beyond Vicky Uslé “

Her work for the leather bags brand has been faultless and full of art. On this collaboration, the canvas is the bag in which the artist reflects those brushstrokes in different colours and dimensions, creating a harmonic fusion of art and craftsmanship over the leather. In that way, the result is a real art work.

The inspiration and essence of Vicky Uslé can be appreciated in the three different paintings that has been captured on Gaia bags and Tau clutch.

Vicky Uslé Tau Clutch

Her work Basalto is reflected on the first of this bags, yellow and grey brushes strokes horizontally , simulating an architectural vision, as if it were a skyline. It is a mix of harmony and serenity on leather


Secondly, wide and irregular strokes of a range of blue, pink and purple colours make up her work Corona. Esta expresión transforma el bolso en un lienzo atractivo y femenino, a la vez que llamativo.


Lastly, random figures that float in the space stop and are reflect on the leather of the bags to give birth the last of these three works ObservatorioIt is a fusion of techniques and shapes that compound a dynamic work.


Together with the creative director of the brand, Adrian Salvador, they lived the experience of working and creating in Ubrique. There, they discovered the best artisans who are dedicated to manual leather work in all their arts. A unique experience to complete this collection 

There is no doubt of the professionalism and art that an artist like Vicky Uslé has. It has been a pride for the brand to work with such artist, and to count on her for the first artist collection of limited edition bags.


All this information and much more exclusive content can be enjoyed in the book, which is created exclusively and limitedly with each bag: the artist inspiration, her work and her work on the bag.