Bags painting

Luxury Handbags as canvas paintings

The serial work art and its new supports.


Along the history, the traditional tools of the different artworks have been different. The most traditional support such as canvas, wood or wall, have not been the only ones. Apart from them, there can also be found leather as a tool.

The leather has been used such as parchment. Another relevant case of leather uses is the vellum, an exclusive type of leather which it used was normally available just to those people with the highest purchasing power.

Nowadays, the diversity of supports join with the proceeds such as serigraphy have democratized the dissemination of art works in ordinary environments, like it did the printer once ago.

Thanks to the serigraphy mechanism, a once unique art work, like “Mona Lisa”, now it can be appreciated in many places.

Unique artwork vs serial artwork.

Does it mean that we have made artworks to lose value with that indiscriminate reproduction? This is the endless discussion between the unique vs serial art work. 

The artistic values intrinsic to a work of art are not diluted just because there are 200 copies of a Rembrandt engraving.

In the modern era, art has been adapting itself to its time and it is not possible to ignore the daily reality. The new supports allow new uses and open borders to artistic representations while the old ones are getting reinvented. In that way, there are getting adapted to the most practical use, but not just for that the less exclusive use.

That idea of art and artwork and canvas is where ONESIXONE has its origins. That luxury handbag brand is unique. This uniqueness can be explained because the artists who work on the collections, design the art works exclusively for the brand. This means that when a new collection is developed, the work that appears in each handbag is completely unique and exclusive.

Those exclusive designs are treated as serial artworks. A typical example of serial art is the engraving. Each handbag is numerated, existing in the world just 161 units of it, compared to the serial art. 

Having a ONESIXONE becomes you in a special owner as not everyone can have one, due just not to the numerated and limited units but also to the design created. Those designs have grown from the artist minds. Although the use of the art has been democratized, this has not undercut its values, but they have exponentially grown when complementing art and artisan in an exclusive object.