Caitlin Burke in conversation with Onesixone

A conversation with Caitlin Burke

During the pandemic that affected the entire world and that kept us locked in our homes for many months, our offices were also paralyzed and we had to close until further notice. But we knew that we could not stand idly by, we wanted to bring some “entertainment” to society in these difficult times. 

From Onesixone we have always felt identified with art, culture, slow fashion, and that is why we take advantage of these moments to chat and have a conversation with people who inspire us, women who are references, artists who inspire and who move the same values as Onesixone.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure to talk about fashion, art and life style with the stylist and creative Caitlin Burke

Who Is Caitlin Burke  

Caitlin BurkeCaitlin Burke is a stylist and creator content that lives in NY. 

At this moment, she works as stulist director for the online fashion platform Moda Operandi. 

She is pure inspiration, and her personal account on Instagram (@caitlynburkenyc ) is a reflection of her personality: art, lifestyle, shootings and inspiration of her daily life can be found. 




Onesixone in conversation with Caitlin Burke 

161: Where are you currently living? 

CB: We are at our house in NYC. 

161: What´s your favorite spot in your home?

CB: We call it my studio, but it´s basically a big room of clothes. I also paint in there and use it as an office. When we were house hunting and my fiancé said this room could be my closet, that’s what sold me on moving to jersey. 

161: Do you have art works or interior treasures inside? 

CB: My most treasure pieces are things I have collected while travelling. I try to buy little object or art from each trip. 

It makes the home look more personal and they´re great memories and conversation pieces. 

My favorites are a brass sculpture from Greece, a wooden water jug from Mexico that sits on my nightstand, and a piece of Picasso pottery from Paris.

161: Have you got any tips on working from home? 

CB: Exercise! It doesn’t seem like a working tip, but I have put it on the buck burner for years with the excuse that I´m too busy, and now I have no excuse. I have become addicted to Melissa Wood Health and The Sculpt Society app. Its improve the structure of my days, my focus, and my overall mental health for the better, It’s a habit I really hope to stick to after this is over. 

161: For styling, where do you look for inspiration?

 CB: Everywhere really! I am always building my library of art and fashion books, so that’s usually a first start when I’m trying to focus on a particular project.

Costume and historical references also play a large role in my work, so I love old movies, visiting exhibits and watching RuPaul´s Drag Race. 

161: Favorite item in your wardrobe: 

CB: This is like asking to pick a favorite child! Right now it’s probably a pair of crystal embellished Prada sandals, because I got them right before quarantine and have yet to fully enjoy their splendor. 

161: Who are your style icons? 

CB: Phoebe Philo forever. 

With a dash of Cher. 

161: Are there artists who inspire you or have in the past? 

CB: I love Brancusi, his work inspires my overall aesthetics from home to fashion to art. I also love Cy Twombly, Jean Arp, Aterling Ruby, Condy Sherman… Too many to name. 

161: How do you foresee this period of time impacting the industry? 

CB: So many ways it’s hard to even comprehend or narrow down into one concise answer. Overall, I think the way in which we work will obviously change. We are realizing how much we actually can achieve without leaving our homes. I think offices will change and the process in which we work and problem solve… amongst many, many other things.

( To read the original conversation between Onesixone &Caitlin Burke, visit @onesixoneofficial)  Caitlin Burke