A conversation with Sara Sidari

During the pandemic that affected the entire world and that kept us locked in our homes for many months, our offices were also paralyzed and we had to close until further notice. But we knew that we could not stand idly by, we wanted to bring some “entertainment” to society in these difficult times. 

From Onesixone we have always felt identified with art, culture, slow fashion, and that is why we take advantage of these moments to chat and have a conversation with people who inspire us, women who are references, artists who inspire and who move the same values as Onesixone.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity to talk with the illustrator Sara Sidari 


Sara Sidari is an artist and designer born in Turin (Italy), although she currently resides in the city of Melbourne. 

Sara Sidari

Her illustrations and works of art reflect the colors and textures of her home country, Italy, from which she admits feeling very inspired 

Thanks to her career in architecture, she has an incredible eye for detail and expresses great quality in her designs. Mostly silhouettes drawn by hand in a delicate and sinuous way. 

Her illustrations have been captured in various formats, from masks, to ceramics, and vinyl to decorate walls, which can be seen and purchased on her online website. website


Onesixone in conversación with Sara Sidari 

161: Where are you living during quarantine? 

SS: I´m currently at home with my parents in Australian which I converted the spare room into my studio for now. 

161: Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork?

SS: I have always found inspiration through my travels so not being able to travel has been the hardest part in all this. I try to surround myself with images and people that inspire me during this time and research places i would love to see when we are allowed to travel again. 

161: Do you have art work in your home? 

SS: We do, our art is very minimal and neutral but my house has always been filled with amazing sculptural objects and art.

Sara Sidari


161: Who is one of your favourite artists? 

SS: All time favourite artist… This is such a hard question as i have many but I love George Seurat and Picasso. 

161: What do you love most about your job as an artist? 

SS: I love that I can express my emotions in a liberal way through my art. I love that I can inspire and provoke emotions in people through my drawings and capture special moments for people to keep forever. 

161: Who are your fashion icons? 

SS: So many as well for this one, but Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino and Gianni Versace are my top. They have been so true to their style since day one and their art speaks emotions through many design elements they use constantly. I love that you can see this in their clothing.

161: Which is your favourite Onesixone Bag? 

SS: I love the Gaia Small! I think it´s the perfect form and size for day and night and it´s super lux.

161: What are your 2020 goals?

Well I had all these amazing goals this year and this situation has really put a hold on them, however also opened up new goals I didn´t think I would want 

I´m transforming my illustrations into a new collection of clothing and loungewear and also many amazing interior items to come. I´m so excited to reveal and start manufacturing. 

161: What are you looking forward to doing this year? 

SS: I look forward to celebrating New Years haha! No, I look forward to seeing how I can tackle and continue to tackle transforming my illustrations into items and things people may need now while at home. It´s a good challenge for myself! 

Sara Sidari

161: Would you like to collaborate with Onesixone? If so, what artwork could we expect to see on the bags? 

SS: Yes, 100% ! I would love to design and collaborate with Onesixone. I already have so many amazing ideas in mind! I think my line drawings would be fantastic on the bags as they are minimal but expressive at the same time and wearable too.

(To read the original conversation with images of Sara Sidari, visit@onesixoneofficial