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Onesixone, the Brand that emerged from art

What is Onesixone? Art and Fashion 

According to the definition provided by the luxury expert Susana Campuzano in her book La formula del lujo, Onesixone is defined as a niche luxury brand, which thrives on culture, creativity and innovation.

Onesixone creates handbags through limited edition collections that are designed by contemporaneous artists. Its fabrication is artisan, in Ubrique, Spain. In this way, it is unifying art, craftsmanship and innovative design in an object that stop being urban due to its exclusivity and quality.

Genesis: the golden ratio.

The brand concept is unique and it has its origin in the golden ratio. Synonym of perfection, it is related to the 1, 61 ratio… which three first numbers gave name to the brand: Onesixone (161). It is not only present on the name, but also on the designs of each collection. The intention was to create a brand that goes further.

The description of the golden ratio as the divine proportion fits perfectly, since it is seen by many as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the beauty and spirituality of life, revealing a harmony hidden in many of the things we see.

It is a very important role that a single number plays in all this but we must remember, once again, that this number has always had an essential role in the history of humanity and in the very foundations of life. Thus, the line dividing the mathematical aspects of the mystics can not be easily drawn.

It is in this intriguing dialogue about beauty, harmony and elegance that Onesixone is born, imbued with everything that the golden ratio represents and wanting to go further.

All that the brand involves has relation with this concept. For example, the shape of the iconic Gaia bag responds to proportions that are those of the golden rectangle, arranged in equidistant points back to the diagonal of the first square of the golden ratio. But not only that, the position of the hardware, the design of the logo, everything that surrounds Onesixone is submerged is the divine proportion.

As it has been said, the name of the brand, Onesixone, corresponds with the three figures of the Phi Number. But there is another important thing related with that concept, the limited edition of each model: 161.

The materialization of art.

This way of producing handbags, as if they were nearly a work of art, do not allow a massive production, neither reduced. It had to be extremely exclusive to do it right. With the help of artisans, with decades of experience working with leather, with care and time.

art and craftsmanship

With artisans with years of experience behind them in leather work, with care and time. That is why it is such a limited collection, there are only 161 units of each bag in the world, and all are numbered and certificated.

Adrian Salvador, creative director and the jeweler, Helena Rohner, are the responsible for each Onesixone bag. There is an artist selected for each collection, therefore collection features a style of its own but all with something in common: the golden ratio that combines contemporary art and traditional art in a harmonious way.

There is an artist for each collection. The work with each artist is different and therefore in each collection it is also: you can see different features and different styles but all with something in common: the golden ratio that combines contemporary art and traditional art in a harmonious way.

Art Adrian sALVADOR

The artists rely on some of their works of art to create bags from them, always inspired by their previous works. Together with Adrián Salvador, the design of the bag is determined and Helena Rohner creates the details that give the finishing touch to the handbags of this luxury brand. Finally, they are made in Ubrique by artisans.

Each single piece of Onesixone Collections supposed a real innovation in luxury handbags: a limited collection, numbered and extremely care a protable piece of art, a beauty luxury piece: uniques.