Detalle de bolso onesixone

The quality is the details matters in Onesixone

Cuando regalamos algo, o por qué no, cuando nos regalamos algo, esperamos que dicho regalo cumpla nuestras expectativas y deseos, que nos fascine y que su la calidad en el detalle, por la que hemos pagado, nos haga disfrutar del mismo durante mucho tiempo.

In Onesixone, from the creative director, through the artisan to the person who makes the shipment, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for generations.

Mucho se puede decir sobre la calidad y el detalle de Onesixone, pero también es cierto que esto solo se confirma al adquirirlo, como los buenos cuadros, impactan al verlo en persona.

Inside of quality.

When it is said that Onesixone handbags are made entirely of leather, we are talking about the same beautiful leather found on the outside can be found in the inside lining. We craft our bags with beautiful pockets made to hold all your valuables from phone to credit cards.

This is why the interior has several pockets, one of them secret. That allows saving cards, money ... a small detail for those who know how to appreciate them.

Jewellery in a handbag.

The quality in the details continues… and one of the main reasons why it is consider a jewel handbag is because of the jewels that it contains. The prestigious designer Helena Rohner has been the one who has designed the hardware that takes care of the corners of the bag and protects it from the daily use.

Dress it as you like

The versatility of the design and its timelessness in terms of colours and patterns makes this an ideal bag for any outfit, whether daily as a gala dinner or at night. That is why the inclusion of a long extendable handle is essential in all Onesixone handbags. The handle is part of the design, so it is incorporated, being leather or metalized, depending on the model.

The Packaging

la calidad en el detalle de los bolsos ONESIXONE

It is not just about acquiring a bag and being able to wear it, but also the pride you feel about having a limited-edition bag. It is presented inside a plush bag with the logo of the brand, which protects it from any damage, and inside a box of ample dimensions that allows storing it with total security. The intention of this packaging is that you can preserve your Onesixone bag and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Included in the packaging, there is a book that summarizes the work of the artist in collaboration with the creative director Adrian Salvador.

Finally, customer service is personalized and done any way the client prefers. We are available to assist with any concern, product questions or if needing fashion advise.

It seems difficult to imagine how a bag of such small dimensions as the Gaia, iconic of the brand, can hold so much care and delicacy, however, all the women, who wear it have been able to appreciate and differentiate themselves with it.

Properly treating you Onesixone, the time will allow you to appreciate the work of art that is, for many years.