Nanda Botella

Nanda Botella

“El azar no es un “mecanismo” o una estrategia dada sino un proceso de producción de diferencias que, a su vez, tiene formas muy variadas”

Having joined the world of art at a very young age, Nanda Botella (Valencia) creates paintings and installations that are nourished by a very colorful and vibrant aesthetic. Nanda opens a window to the world of reinterpretation of dimensions, where creativity and imagination play a leading role in her work.

She actually defines herself as the golden ratio; as rational as a number but as irrational as nature. Nanda was immediately able to relate her work and her way of working with the foundations of OneSixOne. Light, space, time, structure, accident and the progression of pigments evoke, again and again, the conception of nature as a source of imperfect creations; which converge at a point of perfect beauty.

The lines that traverse this artist’s work are an invocation of the depth, which intends to introduce/transport us to the interior of an abstract epicenter; to give way to a space interpreted from contemplation to pause.

We can understand Nanda Botella’s aesthetics as a collage of memories and dreams that she invites us to enter. In the composition Light and Shadow the landscape acquires a new dimension, as if its innate intention was to capture our dreams and cravings. This is how the contradiction between light and shadow shapes elements in the artist’s imagination.

The transgression often attributed to Nanda is adapted as style, to elude all types of formal stereotypes that can limit the execution of an aesthetic where there is no break with the past, but rather a sense of continuity with the best of art throughout history.

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Onesixone: Nanda, what is the origin of your work?

Nanda: The need to communicate, to show, to transmit life as I see it.

O: How did you start off in the world of art?

N: I think I was born initiated. At age 6, I painted my first landscape with oil paintings.

O: What are you trying to transmit through your work?

N: I feel a huge curiosity toward experimenting with different materials. I am interested in iron, ceramics, wire, linens. I love the transparencies and the movement you get by crossing and superimposing colors.

O: Tell us a little about the three works that were created for the bags.

N: Accepting a vision at first sight causes us to lose many things. I want to show that there is a background, another interpretation, that is sometimes more conclusive. You have to give creativity time. Through these cracks, you can discover another dimension where you have the chance to seduce the mind so that it believes; to “provoke the imagination.” The colorful impact of depth, transparencies and different planes generates new forms that evoke sensations and reflection. That is the goal.

O: Who are these bags for?

N: They are intended to be for any woman who wants to differentiate herself from the rest. I have a very specific visualization of an attractive woman, not only physically, but a person you would like to know.

O: How was working with Adrián Salvador?

N: You know that feeling of being safe, relaxed, “understood”? I got so much pleasure out of working with him. Ideas flew and materialized without any difficulty because we see things the same way. Adrián is a great designer and a great person. It is very easy to work with him.

O: How was the experience of working in Ubrique?

N: Interesting. It allowed me to realize the creation of art in all of its dimensions. For an artist, it is a gift to have the means to give your work the dimension you expect.

O: Tell us about the peculiarity of writing backwards.

N: N: When I started writing, I moved my right arm very little. I was definitely more agile with my left. My parents and teachers were very alarmed to see that I wrote backwards and tried all means to correct it so that I would write from left to right, yes, with my left hand. But I kept writing my notes or in my diary in secret from right to left. One day, someone showed me a book by Leonardo Da Vinci in which all his texts were written backwards. From that day on, no one said anything else (laughs).

O: Where can we see your work?

N: Currently at the Shiras gallery or on my website,

O: Where can we currently find you?

N: In my studio/gallery on Calle Puerto Rico 48 in Valencia. Although I travel a lot, you can still find me at the hotel that I designed for my son in Nido Palawan, Philippines. I have brought landscapes and colors from there that have helped me create many of my works.

O: What are your next projects and exhibits?


– Onesixone.

– Mural en El Barrio de Carmen Valencia.

– Art MADRID Feria de arte.

– Colaborar con Galería Shiras. Valencia.