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5 Reasons you Deserve a Onesixone Bag for Valentine’s Day

As women, we juggle a lot in our lives. A career, social life, relationship – the list can seem endless. This is why we are firm believers in treating ourselves from time to time, whether that’s a relaxing day at the spa or the purchase of one of our designer bags. Although you really don’t

  • Smart investments

Let’s get into this idea of bags as an investment. First of all, our bags are made from such high quality materials that they can easily survive decades. You could very well leave your bag as an heirloom to your daughters and granddaughters. It is a piece of art that can be worn and enjoyed to its maximum, and admired for years to come.

  • Outfit upgrade

Un bolso de onesixone hace que cada equipo sea fabuloso. Puedes usar tu atuendo más informal y nuestro Endless Hobo o Gaia Large aún se vería increíble con él. ¡Es una actualización instantánea del equipo!

  • Best friends forever

A handbag is a woman’s best companion, in good and bad times. A bag will never judge you for eating one too many macarons or speaking your mind in the moment. It will always be there by your side, through thick and thin.

  • Love at first sight

A gorgeous shape, that perfect hardware and the smell of the beautifully handcrafted leather; the feeling that you get when spotting our bag for the first time. That’s love at first sight. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the sensation.

  • Who runs the world? You!

You’re an incredible woman who works hard and does deserve the very best. A onesixone bag is a purchase you will never regret. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day or drop a not-so-subtle hint to your sweetheart. With unique style and divine proportions to put you in touch with the universe, love lives at onesixone.