El look Navideño

The perfect Christmas Look. Leather and metal.

Christmas dinner, meetings with friends, family, colleges… Christmas has already arrived, and for all those events, you wish to be perfect and look your best outfits. During this Christmas parties, you want look gorgeous and fashionable. This is why we propose you some tips to combine your garments and ideas of accessories.

A very feminine garment.

Firstly, it is necessary to highlight a very basic and feminine garment that is always fashionable. It is the dress. It does not matter the texture, colour or print, as you will always hit the target. A red burgundy or black dress is always an excellent option. tHose colours are the ones that best fit with during this time.

Also, dresses are a very stylish and flattering garment. A good option to dress with a sexy dress would be high heels and midi coat. The sophisticated detail of the look would be in the election of an original handbag. It could be a metallic handbag like the ones of the “Anna Talens” collection for Onesixone. This is a safe bet to triumph during this Christmas dinners.

Basic and correct.

The trousers are a very combinable garment. During this time of events, there is always a perfect occasion to wear them. Dressing an outfit where the trousers are the main garment is always a successful choice.

For Business dinners it is always a correct option to wear black trousers with a silk shirt. In this way, you will sophistication and glamour to your Christmas look.

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The perfect texture.

For Christmas events, an outfit based on velvet texture is a fabulous election. It is a fabric that allows you to be sheltered at the same time you are stylish and confortable. It is a total good choice.

You can bet for a jacket in any colour, a trouser, a dress or even a two-piece suit. The combination of one of these garments with a metallic handbag, like the ones designed for Anna Talens in minerals, would be an infallible choice for a night party.

Accessories, the key in every look.

The perfect detail for a night party outfit is the accessory. It always gets to transform a simple look into an original look. Jewelleries such as earrings and rings provide this necessary and glamourous essence. In addition, this season originals earrings are on trends.

There are two garments that are necessary n every wardrobe: handbags and shoes. They are the perfect accessories to create the perfect chisrtmas look. The high heels always slenderise and provide elegance to the look. Handbags can get a look to stand out among others. Look for a special handbag and triumph. The handbags Minerals by Onesixone are these complements that get your look to shine by itself.

The Minerals Collection consists of leather bags designed by the artist Anna Talens. This limited edition collection of 161 units is inspired in the Kintsugi technic. It is a metallic collection of handbag perfects for party events. They are made in three different colours, but all of them stand out for their beauty and their metallic shine.