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Anna Talens work of art and inspiration

The Artist

Anna Talens is an artist born in Valencia, Spain, although nowadays she lives in Berlin. It is in this city where she has developed great part of her artistic career, and where she has found inspiration for many or her works.

This artist studied in “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, where she was reckoned as Summa Cum Laude in 2011, and later on she received the Price of Best Thesis of the Year.

She has a broad academic background, as she has enjoyed different abroad experience as student, and she has worked as professor and also as researcher in many European universities.

Anna Talens work

Anna Talens based her creation process on two principles: the use of hand-made repetitive process, and the reuse of objects that already exist. What is known as object trouvé.

Anna Talens obra e inspiracion de la artista Valenciana
Anna Talens work of art and inspiration

The results of her work are unique pieces that connect the viewer with something known and something unknown, getting the ordinary to be extraordinary. It is about a transformation process of the existing materials of the tangible world, as she described.

In her work, the artist uses artistic resources like the repetition, arbitrariness and the accumulation, by cultivating a perverted minimalist by the presence of the colour and texture of the material.

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Anna Talens always try to look for the beauty of the imperfection on objects, reflected of the manual processes and the shape of the elements of the natural world.

All this inspiration can be reflected in her multidisciplinary works that covers from installations, to sculptures, photography and canvas. A walk around this exposition is amazingly able to let you fascinated and dreamy in front of the work of art. It shows that the reuse of objects can get something ordinary into something extraordinary.


Anna Talens has been the second artist, after Vicky Uslé, in collaborating with the luxury handbag brand ONESIXONE. On her work on the handbags, together with the creative director of the brand, Adrian Salvador, the artist has been loyal to her personality and artistic entity and has known how to illustrate what has been previously exposed.

“Behind this collection, echoes from my former creations can be heard: gold craft based on the Japanese technique Kintsugi; handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch… in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.”

It concludes Anna Talens.

From this collaboration emerged the handbags from the Endless family: Hobo Endless and Endless Clutch, as well as the iconic Gaia inspired by the artist.

The Hobo Endless is a breaking and different handbag from the original Gaia that represents the brand, although it follows the Aurea Proportion that characterised ONESIXONE. The shape of the handbag transmits sophistication as well simplicity.

The Endless Clutch is also based on textures that have inspired the expositions of the artist. The verticality of this elegant model, similar to the fall of a drop of water, a vegetable bud or a flower that opens in the same way as the bag, expresses the harmony of the golden design that inspires the brand within an infinite pattern.

Finally, the iconic Gaia inspired by the golden works of the artist. Three different models of the same small handbag based on minerals, as if it were jewels.

12.12.17 Minerals

The inspiration and work of Anna Talens for ONESIXONE allows an extension of her art to a more wearable way, democratizing the art. This is why, it is included on each handbag of this collection, a book of art in which it is explained all the creation process, as well as the joining work the creative director Adrian Salvador, and some reflexions of the artist. On the preface of it, it is included a conversation between the prestigious Enrique Loewe and the architect Izaskun Chinchilla. It is a precious sample that you would find inside of a magically presented box.