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5 Things you didn’t know about the artist Kelly Beeman

Getting to know an artist can be an exhilarating experience. It’s not about casually knowing their place of birth or marital status; it’s about getting to know the depth of their imagination, their emotions, their unique way of experiencing the world and life.

Getting to know an artist is submerging yourself into another world, one you didn’t know existed.

Kelly Beeman is a mastermind of the modern world of art. Her unique and extraordinary talent has been exhibited worldwide and received global acclaim.

The value that her art adds to our handbags is priceless and one-of-a-kind. Get to know her.

She captures every-day activities and immortalizes them in her paintings

Kelly Beeman can find inspiration in many aspects of human existence, from 19th-century artists, such as Amedeo Modigliani, to ordinary activities like watching music videos, exercising in the rain or gossiping.

Just like Renoir inspired himself in his surroundings, Kelly Beeman uses our modern-day activities to immortalize them in paintings.

Future generations will look at her work and marvel: “Wow, that’s what they use to do in that era”.

She’s a published author

You can buy a compilation of her work in the form of a book called Window Shopping. A majestic and inspiring book to gaze at while drinking tea on a rainy afternoon.

A book of an artist’s work helps to look in detail at every feature of a painting, this way when you see it live in a gallery or museum you can immerse yourself fully in their art with complete understanding and knowledge.

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She finds inspiration in high-end labels as well

We’re pretty sure that if Holly Golightly (the lead character of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s) were a modern-day woman she would be a fan of Kelly Beeman. Breakfast at Tiffany´s) fuera una mujer moderna sería fan de Kelly Beeman.

The ladies in her painting are always dressed to the nines, in designs by Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Dior, and Jason Wu.

Sophisticated ladies with elongated bodies, creating mesmerizing complexions.

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She explores divinity to seek perfection

Perfection. Such a complex notion to comprehend. Artists throughout the centuries have sought the source of perfection to imprint it in their art.

Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Monet and many more have sought in endless sources for that touch of magic that is so beautifully bestowed on nature.

Kelly Beeman has explored various applications of the golden ratio, considered to be the divine proportion, to compose her designs.

Through her studies of the divine, she’s found a majestic way of creating continuity from one figure to the next, thus resulting in a dynamic pattern. Through this process, she found perfection in the imperfect beauty that is flawed and yet so authentic and real.

She uses her art as a means of connection

She was right when she said: “Contemporary life can be the most extreme example of alienation, and yet art flourishes as we long for new ways to reach one another […].”

It is through our innate desire of connection that we find beauty in that which brings us together, whether bit it through our similarities, differences and/or relatable experiences. Find out her collaboration with Onesixone here. aquí.

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