Cuadros de Nanda Botella


The latest Onesixone collection has been created in collaboration with artist Nanda Botella from Valencia, Spain. Onesixone is a luxury handbag line designed by Adrián Salvador. Every limited collection features an acclaimed artist’s unique vision.

“Nanda Botella’s painting style implies a profound understanding of language possibilities, resulting from her knowledge of techniques used in the world of sculptural arts. Nanda assumes transgression as a style, to avoid formal stereotypes that can limit the execution of aesthetics where there is no break with the past, but a sense of continuity with the best of art history. We discover the maturity of art made with passion, conscious of the importance of establishing a dialogue that transcends the ephemeral to achieve a vital connection with the spectator.”

Handbag company Onesixeone, a finalist in the National Handcraft Awards 2019, officially launched their new collection, designed by Adrián Salvador with artwork by Nanda Botella, on December 3rd with an event featuring the opportunity to admire each bag in person and learn more about the inspiration and creative process alongside Adrián Salvador and Nanda Botella herself.

Among the guests spotted at Nanda Botella’s spectacular studio in Ruzafa were DJs Greta Borrás and Elena Giménez; Inma Lladró; artist Marusela Granell; Mayren Beneyto, Josep Lozano and Luis Nadal of NIL Communication; SINMAS guys Mateo Climent and Sigfrido Serra with Nuel Puig, Palau de les Arts cellist Nesrine Belmokh; Inma García and Meritxell Barberá of Taiat Dansa, and hatter Betto García.

Para conocer la colección completa de Nanda Botella de click aquí.

Nanda Botella y Adrián Salvador

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