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How to choose an ageless handbag?

There are fashion trends that will last one season and fashion glamour that lasts a lifetime.

Unknowledgeable fashion trendsetters will go for current items that are trending but that will be outdated by tomorrow. Nevertheless, a true connoisseur will see beyond temporary marketing strategies and focus on exclusive, ageless, tasteful and artistic pieces that demonstrate a real fashion sense, but above all, exquisite taste.

Such as in the case of several aristocrats, who focus on having exclusive fashion pieces that will not make them regret the passing of time, and that 20 years from now, they’ll look at photos of themselves and know that their taste and style is ageless and gorgeous.

What to look for in a handbag that won’t go out of fashion?


First, you need to focus on the shape. Look for well-defined silhouettes and a solid shell.

A well-defined contour gives a handbag an ageless look. As we can see with the Birkin by Hermès or the Boy Bag by Chanel. As well as with the ONESIXONE handbags.

We’ve focused on creating well-defined silhouettes that make our handbags unique as well as exquisite.

These handbags can transcend seasons, years and temporary fashion trends.

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Great Quality

What makes a luxury brand stand out amongst others it’s the quality of their items.

In recent years, several fashion powerhouses have been outsourcing the manufacturing of their items to factories in third-world countries. Where they’re seeking to cut costs by reducing the quality of their products and increasing the production of these. As a consequence, it is the consumer who ends up paying for the price of these low-quality products sold by well-known “luxury” brands.

At Onesixone we focus on each handbag, which is produced individually by expert craftsmen who are masters in their profession.

Elegant Color Scheme

Every season brings its new color which sets the trend for clothing, accessories, and even home décor.

Nevertheless, it is fundamental to point out that when a certain color gets a lot of hype it will also get burned-out rather quickly.

Such as in the case of the green-mint color that was trending during 2014, or the pale pink color that is trending right now. If you focus on fashion items with popular color trends, chances are that they will be outdated soon.

It is best if you focus on neutral and classic colors that remain elegant and sophisticated throughout the years, such as beige, black, red wine, grey, blue or mustard. If you’re looking for something that is not monochromatic, make sure that it is an elegant color palette.


There are luxury brands for the masses and then there are luxury brands for the elite. An ageless handbag will be a luxury brand for the elite not for the masses. What makes an item exclusive? Is its rareness.

The most expensive and sought-out diamonds are those with rare characteristics that are sold in auctions, not the ones that are commonly sold in department stores.

What makes an item exclusive? Is its rareness.So it goes with nearly anything that you want to buy.

What makes a purse an artistic work of art is its exclusivity. Something that’s been carefully designed and crafted. Made for a few distinctive clients, not for the masses.

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