The painting style Nanda Botella offers us involves a deep understanding of the possibilities of language, derived from knowledge of the artistic techniques that make up the world of sculptural arts.

Nanda Botella

“Chance is not a ‘mechanism’ or a given strategy, but a process of producing differences that, in turn, has very different forms”

El estilo de pintura que nos ofrece Nanda Botella implica un profundo entendimiento de las posibilidades del lenguaje, derivadas del conocimiento de las técnicas artísticas que conforman el mundo de las artes escultóricas.

Her oil paintings, watercolors and collages reflect a particular conception of the universe. In this way, a rich and allegorical dose of color allows her pieces to seduce with the unique force that captivates her audience.

Expressionism in Nanda is a pretext to establish a dialogue between reality and fiction.

Here, the landscape reaches a new spectacular dimension as if it wished to capture our dreams and yearnings. This is why the contrast of light and shadow is another element that makes up this artist’s imagination to activate and create the energy that emanates from her paintings.

Nanda assumes transgression as a style, in order to avoid all forms of formal stereotypes that may limit the execution of an aesthetic where there is no rupture with the past, but rather a sense of continuity with the best of art history.

In this sense we discover the maturity of an art made of passion, aware of the importance of establishing a dialogue that transcends the ephemeral to achieve a vital relationship that leads to complicity with the viewer. This is what her poetics demand; charged with a perceptible experience which manages to seduce us equally by the mastery of its technique.

“Chance is not a ‘mechanism’ or a given strategy, but a process of producing differences that, in turn, has very different forms”

In her paintings and collages, she combines the symbol and the doodle, the writing and the stain of color, the textual and that which is sewn, the will of totalization and the pleasure of the fragment-arity, in a poem of the traces that take advantage of of the repetitive elements, allowing the unexpected to arise.

We can understand the aesthetics of Nanda Botella as a collage of memories and dreams. She invites us to enter, from the paintings to the installations, into an area of special luminosity, arising from an intense experimental purpose. Undoubtedly, in her proposal a constant concern for the material appears, which goes from the elementary to the compound.


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