Artista con pincel

Art designed by women that transcends gender

Throughout history, the female presence in the art world has been severely repressed. Most of the big names in the art world are men. However, this does not mean that women do not have the creative eye to create majestic works of art, instead women have not been given the opportunity to express themselves for thousands of years.

It hasn’t been until recent decades that we have been allowed to enter the competitive world of art and empower our opinion through the expression of our perspective.

On the other hand, today, the feminine expression has adopted a new boom that gives it greater importance in the artistic world. We have welcomed and empowered the Girl Power movement to make female artistic expression heard, observed and read.

Women, the same as men, deserve to have their works of art visible to the world.

The following artists have gone beyond the predetermined standards of society, to explore the world and express it through their art. In this way, they are able to create powerful masterpieces that transcend time, nationality and gender.

Nanda Botella

The passion of this artist is represented through her oil paintings, watercolors and collages, where she expresses her particular conception of the universe. Her style is characterized by a deep understanding of the possibilities and applications that language has to offer.

Her expressionist paintings are a way of creating a dialogue between reality and fiction. You can find her works of art embodied in the Gaia Small Shadow, Gaia Large Light bag or in the exquisite Gea Flights piece.

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Kelly Beeman

Kelly Beeman is the most sought-after fashion illustration in the world right now.

Her work is a masterpiece where she mixes current affairs with a style that vaguely resembles that of Gustav Klimt, making it unique, extraordinary and a favorite of many fashion power-houses.

In her creation for Onesixone, Beeman was inspired by the human body, the contradiction between our impulses and our deep consciousness.

You can find her breathtaking work in the sophisticated and inspiring bag Gea Youth, Gea Nature, Gaia Large Nature, Gaia Large Bodies Nude and Gaia Large Face, amongst other exclusive bags designed solely for Onesixone.

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Anna Talens

This Spaniard artist, who currently works and lives in Berlin is an art erudite, with a PhD in Fine Art, graduating Summa cum laude.

According to her website, she bases the creative process on two principles: the use of handmade repetitive processes and the reuse of objects that already exist, known as object trouvé.

It is through this process that she finds a way of allowing the viewer to connect with something recognizable and yet strange. An extraordinary way of transmitting a message through the expression of her intention. Discover her Onesixone collection here.

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Vicky Uslé

Numbers and mathematics might not seem like they form a part of the artistic world. We relate to them from a logical perspective, rarely associating it to creativity or a form of expression.

Yet it is through numbers and mathematics that we can define and design the exterior of an object’s space and make it geometrically perfect. It is through numbers and mathematics that we can achieve geometrical perfection.

Just as nature and the world around us is formed by perfect patterns and combinations of numbers that create a harmonious balance in which life exists, Vicky Uslé is one of the few artists in the world that centers her art on the transcendental meaning of numbers and geometry. She seems to create perfection in every bag. Find them out here.

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