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5 Examples where art and fashion merge

Fashion and art have been creatively related for thousands of years. Since the ancient Egyptian civilizations, we have seen how societies have focus detail, attention and creativity into making fashion garments accomplish not just a necessary function, but to exalt a meaning and an intention. The present is no exception when it comes to expressing…

The present is no exception when it comes to expressing art through fashion. The difference is that many ignore to see beyond a garment to focus on the artistic importance and the deeper meaning that is trying to transmit.

Carry on reading and discover artistic personalities who are expressing their creativity through fashion.

1. Jewelry and Art

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Helena Rohner is a jeweler who has found inspiration in her native land of the Canary Islands to design authentic and extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

She draws her inspiration from the elements and has created a way of transmitting the magic of the nature that surrounds her and take it into her designs. Where you can wear sublime notions such as a ray of light, mixed with the strength of the earth in the form of a mineral, shaped to create elegant and practical pieces that can enhance any outfit. Shop her collaboration with Onesixone here.

2. Shoes and Art

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What kind of list would this be if we didn’t mention that master of shoe design, Manolo Blahnik. For decades his pieces of art have been worn by celebrities, aristocrats and by wealthy shoe curators, who find the value of art in every step they take.

3.Handbags and Art

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OneSixOne is the representation of divine forms transformed into elegant, mesmerizing and breath-taking bags and purses, that takes beauty to the next level.

Each bag is delicately designed and crafted taking every detail into consideration. The final product is an authentic and exclusive piece of art, created for those who seek magnificence in every piece that they carry with them.

From aristocrats to knowledgeable celebrities, the OneSixOne bags attract delicate and selective taste that is drawn to the very best. Uniqueness, art, exclusivity, and divine designed, shaped into a bag.

4. Illustrations and fashion

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This self-taught illustrator has been making a name for herself in the fashion and art world around the globe.

Her work has been acclaimed by power fashion houses such as Loewe, Celine, Fendi, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, and Elie Saab. With whom she has worked with, receiving positive reviews.

Her unique style is rapidly making her a household name. With publications in magazines like InStyle, Interview, Vogue China, Marie Claire Italia, and Vogue Corea. Find her collection for Onesixone here.

5. Clothes and Art

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With only 25 years of age, this self-made success has opened himself many doors in Hollywood and the fashion world, thanks to his astonishing talent, eye for detail and original ideas, that are revolutionizing the fashion world.

Among his clientele, he has famous names such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, who have become regular customers.