The versatility of the bag. Transforming your look

The personality of whoever wears it, transformed into the bag of whoever wears it

Accessories are key pieces for all types of people. A bag, in particular, is considered the jewel in the crown of an outfit, which is able to transform the most basic look, into the most  sophisticated one. Hence, we must consider the oportunity of acquiring quality pieces that, if they receive the proper treatment and care, may become articles that live a big part of our lifes with us.       

The bag, that accessory that can give a 360° turn to out look, the same way as a good pair of shoes do. Accessories are those items that make a different outfit, that is to say, a certain look made up of basic garments can become a very sophisticated one by simply adding a quality foulard and a good  handbag. That is why the bag becomes a very versatile item, which allows us to play with it while making the most of it. It is not a simple accessory, but a piece capable of identifying the person who wears it, letting the woman's personality glimpse according to the model, color, size and material chosen. The importance of the bag in the ability to transform the look of a woman requires special attention when purchasing one of these items, since if it has been designed and manufactured with high quality materials, and has been put care in the treatment of the leather throughout its life, the bag promises to be an accessory that accompanies us during years – and that is something that, far from underestimating our piece, will give it an apex of exclusivity-.

From the versatility of the ONESIXONE Clutch, to the great capacity of the Hobo Endless Bag, passing through the sophistication of the Gaia small in all its variants and, the harmony of the Gaia Large… ONESIXONE bags, exclusive luxury handbags created by Spanish designers and handmade by master craftsmen of Ubrique by using centuries-old techniques, promise to be exclusive pieces of design and quality, which let the character and personality of the wearer glimpse and that can continue to accompany its owner for a good part of her life.