The quality in the details matters at Onesixone.

4 June 2019

When we give away something, or why not, to ourselves, we expect this present to satisfy our expectations and desires, and that its quality, for what we have paid a price, let us enjoy it for a long time.

In Onesixone, from the creative director, through the artisan to the person who makes the shipment, all details are taken care of 100%. The idea is that you can enjoy this work of art for generations.

Much can be said about the quality and details of Onesixone, but it is also true that this is only confirmed by acquiring it, like good pictures, they impact when you see it in person.

Inside of quality.

When it is said that Onesixone handbags are made entirely in leather, it is because not only is the outside of leather itself, but its interior is a carefully selected leather lining in combination with the bag. The exquisiteness is not only facing the outside, but also inside.

This is why the interior has several pockets, one of them secret. That allows saving cards, money … a small detail for those who know how to appreciate them.

Jewellery in a handbag.

The quality in the details continues… and one of the main reasons why it is consider a jewel handbag is because of the jewels that it contains. The prestigious designer Helena Rohner has been the one who has designed the hardware that takes care of the corners of the bag and protects it from the daily use.

Dress it as you like.

The versatility of the design and its timelessness in terms of colours and patterns makes this an ideal bag for any outfit, whether daily as a gala dinner or at night. That is why the inclusion of a long extendable handle is essential in all Onesixone handbags. The handle is part of the design, so it is incorporated, being leather or metalized, depending on the model.

The Packaging

Finally, it is not just about acquiring a bag and being able to wear it, but also its care and conservation is an essential factor in a limited edition object which is intervened by an artist. It is presented inside a plush bag with the logo of the brand, which protects it from any damage, and inside a box of ample dimensions that allows storing it with total security. The intention of this packaging is that you can preserve your Onesixone as a heritage that can be inherited as the work of art that it is.

Included in the packaging, there is a book that summarises the work of the artist in collaboration with the creative director Adrian Salvador. It is the origin of the bag that you are receiving and the work that is represented in it.

Finally, customer service is done in a personalized way by email or phone. Onesixone gas a personalized service in case of any doubt about any bag, or if you want to be advised in terms of models or collections.

It seems difficult to imagine how a bag of such small dimensions as the Gaia, iconic of the brand, can hold so much care and delicacy, however, all the women, who wear it have been able to appreciate and differentiate themselves with it.

Properly treating you Onesixone, the time will allow you to appreciate the work of art that is, for many years.

Meta: The quality in the details is essential in luxury handbags. In Onesixone we take care of all the details so that your bag is a real work of art for years.