The golden ratio in Onesixone

What is the golden ratio?


Onesixone are the first three numbers that represents beauty: the golden ratio. However, what is the golden ratio? In a simple way, this proportion establishes that the small is as big as the great is the whole, reason revered by the whole culture throughout history. This proportion has been found in Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Aztec murals, among many other cultures. We can find it in art, music, in our own body, in nature ... and now in our limited edition handbags. His equation is expressed as 1 plus the square root of 5, all over 2, and the result is approximately equal to 1.61803398874989 ... sequence from which the name of this mark has come out, one six one.


 Where find it?


The divine proportion appears in nautilus shells, in the relationships between height and width of objects and persons that appear in the works of Miguel Ángel, Durero or Leonardo Da Vinci or even in the relationship between the parts, the ceiling and the columns of the Parthenon, in Athens. This proportion is the basis of the onesixone bags and as our creative director Adrián Salvador says: "In Onesixone we integrate different aesthetics: an impressive view with a romantic dream, thus building a dialogue between nature and architecture."




Although its definition is abstract and somewhat difficult to understand, the application of the golden ratio is important in photography, painting, sculpture, and other arts that often link the ideal of beauty to symmetries and proportions, an  essential ideal for our luxury designer handbags. Our own jewelry, Helena Rohner, said:

"Curiously I have realized that I design under golden ratio patterns, when, making  mathematical calculations, actually your eyes already leads you to draw within those measures and dimensions "