What to wear in rainy days

What to wear in rainy days




Carmenn Julia wearing pink coatSometimes, when the weather in unstable,it creates many doubts in us about what to wear. The day when the rain arrives creates in us a feeling of uncertainty and oppression on what to wear.

 Below are given some tips for inspiration when choosing outfits for rainy days:

The best mate for any rainy day is without any doubt the raincoat. This garment is the most adequate one to battle the rain. It can be combined with any other outfit. One outfit proposition could be: tights, dress, medium heels, raincoat and scarf. This is a look based on trends and perfect for this weather.

If it is really cold outside or just the raincoat is a garment you do not really feel identified with, you can change it by a coat. The coat is the great garment of this winter. For that, a medium size coat in a fancy colour, with tights and boots is a look that never fails.


Cropped and rain, perfect combination

One of the greatest problems in these rainy days is the trouser edges. A common case is the flare trousers, which are always brushing the floor, creating a humidity sensation. Serious error if you dress this trouser during a rainy day. To avoid that, and in case you want to dress trousers, the best option is to choose cropped trousers, avoiding uncomfortable moments.


Another option for the rainy days could be skinny jeans with long boots; it is a must this season.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh wearing colourful coatSome colour in grey days

In rainy days, people usually bet for dark colours. There is a tendency to dress according to our feelings or attitude we have this day. This winter days create inside us a feeling of sadness. This is why people choose dark colours to create outfits. The proposal against this tendency is to bet for outfits in which fancy and strong colours are the main protagonist. In that way, you will create a contrast between the day mood and you outfit chosen. And you will notice that you attitude get better and positive.


Any of these tendencies will become a simple look into a great outfit.


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What to wear in rainy days


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