Vicky Uslé at Uhuru Showroom

Vicky Uslé at Uhuru Showroom


Uhuru is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Founded in 2004, Uhuru began as a high-end custom furniture design and build company with a focus on timeless, sustainable design. Over the past 10 years, Uhuru has built a full-service interior design division with high-profile projects in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors. Leading the vanguard of New American Design, Uhuru’s pieces have been placed in the Smithsonian and Brooklyn Museum‘s permanent collections, becoming one of the most prestigious art establishments of the US, specifically from Brooklyn.


Here is where Vicky Uslé, artist based both in the US and New York but also in Spain. The artist has developed her skills in many art exhibitions around Europe and US, These are some of them since 2013:

2017: Aquilón y Katsura, Galería Manuel Ojeda, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2016: Collaboration with Uhuru Design. New York, USA

2015: Observatorio, Galería Travesía Cuatro, Madrid.

2014: Wightlessness Encounter, Alexander Levy, Berlin.

2013: Open Space, Galeria Siboney, Santander.

This artist is made of paintings trying to astonish us, first of all, by the feelings of optimism and generosity that she reveals, which are manifest in the capacity for invention of a cornucopia of abstract images, and secondly, in security and determination. It belongs to a tradition that insists on the poetic potential of abstraction, which gives painting, in the best cases, the capacity to be a form of knowledge in itself, without needing to claim for its functionality. Her inspiration was translated also into our first collection, her work shows us an idea that should not be previously conceived, a changing world that projects its reflection in the environment and nature.

In we are proud of showing in our handbags the pieces of arts developed by some of the most important contemporary artists nowadays, and Vicky Uslé is one of them with art exhibitions of prestige like the one in Uhuru Showroom.


Vicky Uslé at Uhuru Showroom

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