Trends in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Trends in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week


It’s been 20 years since the famous Catalan parade opened its doors. 20 years that have given the opportunity to great new designers who nowadays are fashion geniuses. Celebrating its twentieth birthday, the catwalk 080 Barcelona fashion invites 37 designers and brands who will show their summer proposals. The parades would take place the last week of June in the Recinto Moderniste de Sant Pau. Place that gave beautiful photographs not only of the proposals of new designers, but also of the most veteran and frequent of this event, such as Custo Barcelona. Proposals worn by young models of the Spanish panorama like Rocío Crusset, Mayka Merino or Dalianah Arekion.

In a catwalk that fights to:

“leave behind the idea that the Barcelona footbridge is an exclusive event for young and local brands”

El País

Vestidos de verano de la 080

080 Barcelona is committed to both men’s fashion and women’s fashion. And how to forget about swimwear fashion. Given the dates, these parades cannot miss when it’s time to kick off the summer. Brands like Guillermina Baeza show trends like tropical flowers and the essential blue tones with memories to the sea. For the designer, XL accessories also go to the beach. Similarly, it does not leave behind the trends of the year. The tulle to show your swimsuits and bikinis and the so successful flyers, trend also seen in the proposals of Como un pez en el agua. It is indisputable that the street style also leads to the beach, being able to see overlays of garments and heel sandals that show the socks.


Logotipo de la 080 Barcelona A special edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion

With the reason of the 20th birthday of the Catalan catwalk, 080 Barcelona includes a series of innovative elements that make it unique, going beyond the parades. Among them, a solidarity action with the collaboration of the association Casal dels Infants. A Catalan association that works actively to improve children, young people and families lives at risk of social exclusion. Thus, the catwalk is associated with this organization to raise funds through the sale of a solidarity t-shirt designed by the illustrator Rubén Toledo. On the other hand, and with commercial purposes, the 080 opens its doors to the “ready to buy” with the Fashion Market. A space in which the public can buy some of the signatures seen on the catwalks. A proposal that benefits Spanish fashion and its customers by giving them the opportunity to get the garment they have fallen in love with during the fashion show. This area is a public area, which could be accessed only by downloading a free invitation on the web. And finally, the Nights of the 080, a type of event very in vogue during the last years. Events that never fail on these dates given the temperatures. The days stretch until late at night to give place to great festivities of the fashioned with the best music.

In short, an edition full of surprises that made this 20th birthday a unique event among fashion events. A date to indicate in calendars so as not to lose the trends of each summer.


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