The ONESIXONE Art Collections and the artists behind the brand

The ONESIXONE Art Collections and the artists behind the brand



Together with the new models of the seasons that nourish the Áurea Collection based in the Golden Ratio, ONESIXONE make collaborations with emerged artist with international repercussion.

Adrián Salvador, as Creative Director of the brand and Helena Rohner, the responsable of the jewel design of each handbag, integrate the invited artist into their work.


In this way born a very special limited collection of only 161 units.

The limitation beyond to be a wink of the brand name, is a clear declaration of intents: the art is exclusive and limited. For this reason the collection of each artist is signed and numerated, remembering the same system of the serial artworks like the engravings. The cuddle of the leather artisan of Ubrique and the artist creativity do the rest, each artist collection bag is a piece unique and timeless.

Vicky Uslé

A bag, a canvas

Onesixone presentación en Via Flores Bolso Gaia Large Corona

From her natal city Santander, Vicky has worked and exhibit her works in the main artist circles of Portugal, Italy, Berlin, New York, China, Japan… Her collection is the first artist collection of ONESIXONE, launched in December 2015, something very special.

With her artwork, Vicky not only generate images, she looks for develop ideas. In order to this she is carried along by brush-strokes that are repeated in different thickness and colors. Her paintings are characterized for the design of different forms, rhythm and colors that seem to include movement. Their artworks are characterized for the spontaneity and the expression of senses as the liberty, the fluency or the dynamism.

In the design for ONESIXONE she works with a tonality developing her inspirations lines. It is possible to see how her canvas is transformed in handbag and those brush-strokes in different tonalities and dimensions adapt to the design of the object making a harmonious fusion of art and craftwork in leather.

The Artist

La The collection

Anna Talens

A “endless” bag

Anna Talens artist for onesixone Anna Talens mustard bag with denim look

Valencian artist based in Berlin, whose artist collection for ONESIXONE saw the light in October 2016.

The work of Anna Talens is based on the materials and it is perceived in the handbags. The main source of inspiration for her are the objects and her constituent materials, being able to work with any type of material, but her election is not random, it is meticulous. Her passion is work with materials that she can transform or deal with her own hands.

Her collection for ONESIXONE is called Endless “without end”. The name is from the accessories and figures derived that incorporated and form the handbag, whose pattern is structured with figures derived from the golden ratio and the endless symbol. In this way it is possible to discover in this models, forms that flow and talk about eternity and existential philosophy.

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The collection


Kelly Beeman

Art and imagination in a bag

Kelly Beeman pintando sus nuevos diseños para Onesixone Presentation in Madrid Kelly Beeman onesixone

Fashion illustrator from New York. Her collaboration with ONESIXONE starts in March 2017. It is a daring bet for the figuration to dress an object playing with the chromaticism of the work in addition to the high contrasts and graphics that have given rise to embroidered bags of enormous elegance.

The imagination of Kelly Beeman could be appreciated from the childhood in the histories she invented with her sister. She has always been carried away by her imagination and thus she acts in her artworks, allowing herself to be guided by them. Her collection for ONESIXONE is very personal. The handbags have been designed based on several of her artworks, fusing art and fashion.

In this moment the Kelly collection are going to be enlarged with new designs.

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The collection

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