The most desired handbag

The most desired handbag




There are already many celebrities who have fallen into the templation of ONESIXONE. It is not easy to resist a handbags brand that comes to remind us the meaning of luxury and exclusivity.

More and more companies are responsabilite for making copies to prodcts of different luxury brands. These copies are becoming more accurate  and the price much more afordable and achievable for any sector. All this provoking that the exclusivity that represents the luxury brands is lost.

ONESIXONE seeks to avoid this movement. How? We have the work of unique professionals. Designs made by international artists and based on their own works of art. High quality materials whose results are handbags that we take care for even the smallest details. Bags made using totally handcrafted processes. All parts of the process are manual and of course limited units.

The result is a brand that reinvents luxury and exclusivity. In this way the person who is seen at ONESIXONE can feel unique and exclusive.

That is why many families have already joined this brand of handbags. Both international and national celebrities and already dress ONESIXONE.

In love with ONESIXONEcelebreties onesixone 

María Bernad, stylist and instagramer, is faithful to the idea offered by this luxury brand. Models such as Gaia Corona by Vicky Uslé and “Gaia Small Girls and Chairs” by Kelly Beeman are for this influencer.

This latest model designed by artist Kelly Beeman, “Gaia Small Girls and Chairs“, has caused a furor among the famous. There have been several that have been done with one of our limited units. Tania Sarín, Beatriz Jamin, Yungi Kung and Sofía de Borbón have this design to show off in their most important events.

The very Michelle Obama I bet by this signature of luxury. For ONESIXONE it is an honor that people as influential as the former first lady of the United States, are interested in the brand.

Lady Gaga, artist and singer of the moment, also bet by this signature. It was in particular the Gaia Basalt by Vicky Uslé, which fell into the hands of the famous.

This model has been well-liked among the celebrities who have trusted ONESIXONE. Important figures such as Joana Nolasco, Luiza Sobral, Pai Dust, Giovanna Lamastra or Evangeline Smyrniotaki, have opted for this miso purse.

Another faithful follower and lover of the luxury bags of this signature is Gabriella Palatchi. The pronovias heiress is faithful to this brand and has more than one model. There have been several occasions when he has chosen a look where his perfect complement would be an ONESIXONE. In her social networks we have been able to see how it combined models like the “Gaia Basalt” *** of Vicky Uslé or the “Gaia Aurea Black” of the basic collection.

Fiona Ferrer has relied on the signature of luxury handbags innumerable times. Its allies for important events are “Gaia Corona” *, “Tau Observatory” from Vicky Uslé’s collection,Gaia Large Face” from the collection of Kelly Beeman and Gaia Fibonacci” in brown color python from the Anna Talen´s collection.

The special edition “Gaia Fibonacci” has some exquisite models among our collection of handbags. This is because it is made with python skin. The quality and elegance that reflects a bag made with this material makes it can not go unnoticed. That’s why celebrities like Jessy Mallay or Mara Teigen bet on this model.

A bag that has been sensation among our celebrities has been the “Endless Clutch” in mustard, designed by Anna Talens. This model has been chosen by celebrities like: Adriana Abascal, Angela Fink, Tania Sarin or Rachel Zoe.

Another classic among our famous is the “Gaia Observatory by Vicky Uslé. Model led by Michaela Kocianova, Slovak model, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, owner of the prestigious MNZ store in New York, Yolanda Regodon specialist in communication and innovation or Daniela Sarahyba Victoria’s Secret model.

It is clear that there are many celebrities who trust ONESIXONE. This fact causes a great satisfaction to the luxury handbags brand, since its goal is to remember the value of wearing an exclusive brand. And it seems that little by little it is getting.

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