The artist book in Onesixone

The artist book in Onesixone


In OneSixOne, we create an idea, a way of conceiving the environment and people. It is our commitment, to create value for people who know how to appreciate our articles. In each collection we invite an artist to reflect in the bag his vision of the harmony, beauty and balance of women that is the essence of the golden ratio on which the imagery of our brand is based. The artist works directly with the artisans of Ubrique for several weeks to breathe the way of making these artists who from 1752 and from generation to generation have been transmitting their craft to our days based on excellence in work. In each collaboration, the brand includes in a book, which accompanies each handbag, that experience between the artist, the craftsmen of Ubrique and our direct creative Adrian Salvador creating a document that shows the inspiration of the artist and the genesis of his work. An added value that makes it feel different to the customer who has bought a unique product where fashion, exclusivity and art merge.

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A book full of art

Starting with Vicky Uslé, a Spanish artist raised in New York, his work shows us an idea that should not be previously conceived, a changing world that projects its reflection in the environment and nature. Nature shows us that, even though there is a common pattern in things, each of them has something identifiable that makes it unique, different from the rest, and that it sees its authenticity in the balance of its proportions and the golden number. Vicky does not take reference to his measurements and proportions as a simple number, but as the flow of two magnitudes that find in the middle their reason for being, to create something new and beautiful. They are not only proportions, but senses like touch, present in the materials with which the artist works. Vicky tells us that a new material transmits a new way of expressing through its texture, its own appearance brings a new concept visible to the wearer. It is right in the balance adjustment where the unexpected arises, and is not a person involved with that?

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Artist and design

Our second book belongs to the collection of Anna Talens, an artist born in Valencia, who is nominated for the awards of the Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV 2017), which awards, every two years, these awards for the best design Both graphic, industrial, spaces or new media among its categories, of which our book belongs to the first one. This success owes its recognition to his Endless collection, where she tries to convey to us the confluence between the golden and the infinite proportion, pointing out  the existence of things as having neither beginning nor end. It is with the play between materials that invite the immaterial, the mysterious or the connection between all the things that exist in the world, how beauty and uniqueness are present in their works of art. Everything is related to the way in which these concepts form the idea of ​​beauty, which resides in the way of perceiving it or the personal perception we have of it.

Introducing Anna Talens’ book, OneSixOne includes the entire interview with Enrique Loewe by Izaskun Chinchilla. In him Enrique Loewe conveys to us the idea that beauty is a necessity of the human being, his work to look for it in the craftsmanship and the culture or the emotions. He does not understand beauty without an emotional factor, it is this factor that makes it what it is and transmit it through creations in art or of any kind.

Finally, the recent collection of Kelly Beeman speaks about the connection that exists between different human beings, who, although different and particular in their forms of expression, find a common point or essence that defines them equally. The human being is a mixture of different impulses that collide with each other and form a common behavior as a collective, which is represented by means of music and other performing arts. As the artist points out, in ancient Greece and in dramatic art she found in music the point of connection between her individuals and thus giving unity and harmony to the represented. This is how beauty shows another perspective in the infinite and heterogeneous set of the parts that make it up, and human beings are a clear example of it.

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