The Spanish craftsmanship

The Spanish craftsmanship



Ubrique has become the epicenter of world-class leather craftsmanship producing 60% of Spanish leather goods. Large national and international firms choose this small town of 17000 habitants as a base for the production and distribution of their new collections of luxury handbags.

From Asia to Ubrique

From Asia to Ubrique are more than 100 companies that already produce luxury handbags here, competing even with Italy, leader in the sector of the production of leather goods. France, the United Kingdom, the USA have come to the area to discover the potential of their workforce. A large group of artisans who have been living for more than a hundred years, anxious to maintain one of the most important traditions of our country.

The consumer is becoming more demanding which forces them to take care of every detail, looking to the future without leaving much of the past, putting into practice their know-how in search of the maximum demand, perfection in the finishes and a final product of very high quality.


   Onesixone craftmanship


The prestige

The prestigious magazine Monocle dedicated in one of its last numbers an article to the potential of this small town of Cadiz. And on the other hand, the local government and all those who live there, work and produce await the imminent recognition of the European Union that will make Ubrique a Denomination of protected origin.

It is frequent to meet with internationally renowned designers walking the streets of the village recently arrived some fashion week. After many years focusing on production in Asia they have understood that true luxury was much closer than they had ever imagined. Onesixone has recently been selected as a finalist in the eleventh edition of the National Craft Awards called by the Government of Spain and whose winner will be announced next year.



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