Six tips for a night look at the beach

Six tips for a night look at the beach



summer colour

A garment… lingerie dress.

The slip-on dress is one of the star garments. Depending on the accessories you can get an elegant and sophisticated look or simply a basic for any summer afternoon.

The lingerie dress accepts varied complements. From high-heeled sandals, elegant and feminine, to sneakers or flat sandals for any evening plan, casual and casual.

With the sandals you can turn a look into a star combination for any special event on summer nights. Another basic addition to a flannel dress is a good handbag. At ONESIXONE we have elegant and luxurious units perfect for any occasion. Our handbags design by artists and made by artisans are a safe bet for any exclusive look.

A basic… body or bathing suit.

This summer, the tendency to wear a body or bathing suit as a substitute garment for shirts or blouses continues, like other summers, striking hard. It is an easy to combine, comfortable and very flattering garment.

The best thing about this garment is that depending on how it is combined it will be possible to create a more beach and informal or more stylish and elegant look.

A star complement… the mules.

The mules are summer shoes. They are what until some time ago we called clogs. Now we have changed the name and we have given a more “cool” touch. The basic feature of these sandals is to air the heel. The rest is a matter of taste. You can find it in some types: printed, smooth, flashy colors, or more classic like white or black. We can find them flat or heel. Heel can be wide, or of esparto. There are millions of options waiting for you to choose the one that best suits your style. Without a doubt this model of sandals has come sticking strong, and seems to come to stay.

The best thing about this garment is that it could be combined with all kinds of looks, from a cowboy trousers and basic t-shirt, to a lingerie dress.

For those who think that it is a garment only summer, we have to warn you that we will find it as a trend again in the season A / W 2017-2018. Although in more autumnal fabrics like before or “velvet”.

jessey malay look onesixoneOne color… the old pink.

This season bets on the rose. In the beginning, you chose the pink in all its shades, from pink quartz to fuchsia. Considering that it is a very flattering and feminine color, this tendency is undoubtedly a trend full of possibilities.

Among all its range, the old pink is the color that is most present throughout the season. This color appears in virtually all types of garments, but there is one in which the dress stands out par excellence. The old pink dress is positioned this season as a star trend, standing against the classic “little black dress”.

This color that comes to stay has the possibility of combining in many ways. A simple and discreet color, as can be black, but it gives more light and romanticism.

In ONESIXONE we were not going to be less. Among our collections of limited luxury handbags we can also find this color. An exclusive brand full of fashion, trend and quality, has always to have the latest trends.

With our bag in old pink you can make a basic look all a unique and elegant outfit.

maria bernad look onesixone





A combination… the total white

The monochrome combination is a trend. The “total black” has always been a strong ally when choosing any look. But the truth is that the “total white” arrived some time ago and little by little has been creating its niche among the most desired styles. It can be said that it has overtaken the classic “total black”.

In summer this color is very flattering. The white highlights the tan typical of these months of heat. At ONESIXONE we have several options that can combine perfectly with a look as stylish as the “total white”.

In our online website and in the luxury boutiques, you will find from the classic aurea bag in this tone, like other more original and artistic models where the main color is the range of white and nude.

Details… the frills.

Bet on this sophisticated and flattering trend. This detail can transform a simple shirt into an original and colorful blouse. In addition we can find them in absolutely all the garment. From shirts and dresses to bags or shoes.

If you are looking for a safe bet, combining two live trends this summer will be a good choice. Choosing the fliers in a top “off shoulders” win is assured.

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