Shop online in the luxury sector

Shop online in the luxury sector


The luxury sector invoices 16.8 billion euros thanks to e-commerce, that means the 7% of its turnover, data collected by Susana Campuzano in her book La fórmula del lujo (The luxury formula). In this work, in which the author dedicates a chapter to the Onesixone brand, it is about the need of luxury brands to start their walks in the network and implement strategies aimed at digital sales. According to the book:

“Luxury can thrill in digital world equal or even more than in the real world; a campaign on the net can be so exclusive as to even raise the image of the brand, because may be able to materialize, thanks to image and sound, the intangible magic of a brand. “

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That is why luxury brands must bet on new technologies and increase their online presence. The network provides a channel in which to tell their stories, showcase their products or get closer to their customers, so it is possible for them to know the opinions and impressions of their target audience. This ensures that companies in this area can get rid of that frivolous and distant character that is sometimes associated with luxury.








At Farfetch, one of the most well-planned online sales platforms, the high-end products are approaching in all corners of the world. The idea of ​​the commitment to the client is one of the maxims of this international organization that counts on great important brands among its products. Farfetch offers a unique experience to acquire the best selection with great facilities.

The company distributes luxury to points around the globe, with express deliveries to over 190 countries, and on the same day to major capitals: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Rome … Their offer is not only guided to the female audience, but also covers the male and the child sector.

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Some of the most selected products offered by the web are high design fashion, luxury jewelry or accessories, all chosen with an exquisite and rigorous process of choice. The best boutiques in the world fit this page. Founded in 2008 by José Neves, Farfetch is, at present, a unique space of reference in which big brands want to be. One of the advantages of this type of online shop is that it allows you to discover great talents of fashion and bring them closer to the general public. At Farfetch they provide a great list of unknown designers with pieces of great originality, offering the customer an exclusive product to pay for.






A leading company and pioneer in this industry, which recently has our company, Onesixone, among its brands. You can find us through the category “handbags”, through the search engine or choosing the name according to the brand (Onesixone) from the menu bar of the website. From this moment you can buy our designer bags that you can find here, worldwide.


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An indispensable condition that Farfetch seems to take into account, is that the Internet has become the perfect space for luxury brands to show interest for those potential or actual users who are attracted to their products. In this way, people reluctant to the articles offered by this sector, little by little, can perceive a pleasant deal to the client.

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The luxury sector has much more to offer and not only pieces of high quality and high price as we are accustomed to, because it is not only the product. It is a strong character, an ingrained concept of brand, those feelings that are intended to be shared to users. And what better way to get it than through the online world?

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