Onesixone, the perfect accessory for summer trends

Onesixone, the perfect accessory for summer trends


Who said a purse is not a jewel? Taking shape of artwork, onesixone puts at the disposal of every fashion follower an XL jewel, complement of the season par excellence. A perfect complement to combine with other trends like the flounces, undoubtedly the year silhouette. A perfect south touch to giving movement to your looks in any occasion. Jewel that also perfectly marries with the new neckline: the off-shoulders, giving prominence to your shoulders which begin to tan with the first rays of sun.

And how to forget the prints of the season? Flowers, what would spring be without flowers? Flowers that also reinvents themselves in exotic prints that don’t stop being trend for season clothes. But are undoubtedly vichy and stripes the trends that have managed to flood the streets, the street style. Prints that move us to our childhood summer days and come back so as to not leave us indifferent. Our dear María Bernad prove it with this look:

 Spanish influencer Maria Bernad

Spain handbgags brand offers colours 2017 in their pure state

And how better to crown your look than the star accessory: the bag. Bags and clutchs which arrive with colours that are in trend this season. Summer bags are coloured in yellow. A dose of brightness reduced to the golden ratio measures of our designs. As in onesixone we have already highlighted on some occasion, “there’s nothing better than yellow to brighten your look”[1] mostly in summer. With it, pastel colors as pink or sky blue are still season colors. Tones that arrive to stay and fill any look of innocence and freshness at the same time.



But is green the tone that this season has been crowned by experts as the color of the year. Expressing a mood and an attitude

“Greenery is an sparkling and fresh tone green-yellow which evokes the first days of spring, when natural greens get relived, renewed and recovered”

Clearly the perfect reflection of the season with which to combine any of your looks.

aurea olive colour onesixonebag fashion bag


Black&White, the perfect couple

Women think of all colours except in the absence of it. I think black is the union of all. And white as well. Its beauty is absolute, it is the perfect harmony”. And we say goodbye with this marvellous phrase by Coco Chanel. With the perfect harmony, the couple never fails. Ever since this genius of fashion made it fashionable, black and white has never ceased to be a trend, also reining this summer. Either in total looks or combining both tonalities, Black&White triumph again. And what better than a black bag to match all your looks. Onesixone not only bets on it, it also reinvents it with its exclusive python model available in its online purse boutique.

Spanish influencer Teresa Andres Gonzalvo wearing a white lookThere are many who bet on this trend that never fails. For its faithful followers, fantastic news arrives: the white has managed to crown himself as the new black! This is a fact that you can check in any fashion magazine, in which white has even succeeded in dislodging the neutral color par excellence. And if you aren’t still convinced with this trend, surely this look from Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo ( will change your mind.



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