ONESIXONE: The handbag of celebrities

ONESIXONE: The handbag of celebrities


Only two years ago this brand come out on the market but today there are more than 80 fashion news from 14 countries in which our handbags appear. In only two years, Onesixone has won the heart of the most traditional Spanish newspapers and of the most important magazines in the fashion world.

The first time the brand appeared in the press was in November of 2015 in the New York Times Style in which Onesixone was the protagonist of the article “When a bag is based on math”. Thanks to this article the name of our limited edition handbags spreading more and more. Both WOMAN and Vogue, REFINERY29 or Glamour dedicated an article to these Spanish bags.

On the other hand, the growth of the appear in press is not the only point. The Onesixone limited edition bags have arrived to be the protagonists around the world. To the fact that Onesixone has more world point of sales we have to add that Onesixone appears in the press of all the world, from United States to Brasil thanks to Vogue “ONESIXONE: bolsas da marca artsy espanhola desembarcam na Via Flores”, to Netherlands with Elle “Dus dit is de per-fec-te handtas volgens wiskunde, Italy with YoDona, “It bag con eñe”, France thanks to AIR FRANCE MADAME and, of course, to the country of origin of the brand, Spain where Onesixone appears in a lot of fashion magazines like S MODA, Vanity Fair, ELLE, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or Cosmopolitan. 

Fashion news of the last weeks

Onesixone doesn’t stop growing and improving. There are already many celebrities and bloggers who wear and talk about the brand as Lady Gaga, Chiara Ferragni, Jessi Malay, Conchy Copé, Gabriela Palatchi, Fiona Ferrer or even Michelle Obama. But this is not all, the appareance in press is still growing. In these last weeks Vogue Spain published a column of our new collaborating artist and our new collection – Onesixone by Kelly Beeman – while S Moda, Grazia and Teen Vogue US included our hadbags as one of the essential accessories of this year.

From its very outset, ONESIXONE has been amazingly well received by celebrities, bloggers, influencers and prominent people from the world of arts, politics and fashion. ONESIXONE is a new niche brand of luxury handbags presented in the most prestigious purse boutiques in the world and, also, able to be purchased from online purse boutiques.

ONESIXONE’s success is based on the brand’s exclusiveness, which only manufactures 161 units of limited edition purses and whose collections are intervened every season by different international artists, aiming to find the best way to turn their work into a reinterpretation of their most personal concept of harmony and beauty.

ONESIXONE’s limited handbags have had public appearance in more than 90 press articles from 12 countries, echoing this new handbag designer’s brand and making it one of the most valued luxury handbag brands.




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