ONESIXONE launch at Via Flores, Rio de Janeiro

ONESIXONE launch at Via Flores, Rio de Janeiro


The   trendy   store   Via   Flores   in   Rio   de   Janeiro   was   the   chosen   venue   for   the   brand’s   public   presentation   in   Latin   America with Joana Nolasco, Giovanna Lamastra, Chris Pitanguy, Luiza Sobral and others.   The   designer   Adrián   Salvador   went   to Brazil   to   share   an   amazing   evening   with   bloggers,   journalists   and   customers   who   attended   the   event   to   get   to   know   first-­‐hand   ONESIXONE’s   collection,   in   which   artist   Vicky   Uslé   has   participated.

Chris Pitanguy-8680

Adrian Salvador Candela e Luiza Sobral-8746

Giovanna Lamastra-8841

Adrian Salvador Candela Sonia Isnard Joana Nolasco e Jose Luiz Gonzalez-8827

Joana Nolasco e Chris Pitanguy-8678

Luiza Sobral-8723

Patricia Neves-8860  



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