ONESIXONE featured on The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni

ONESIXONE featured on The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni


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Who? Onesixone is a Spanish, luxury handbag brand designed by valencian young designer Adrián Salvador Candela. It offers a new concept of beauty à porter in collaboration with some Spanish and international talents.

What? The collection is composed of, as the name suggests, 161 bags – each one tells it’s own exclusive and unique story, where the concept of luxury is truly expressed in the item’s individuality.

Why? Strength in unity; and we really do believe in the potential of young talent! The objective of each collection is to communicate the artists’ way of life, their stories, passions, emotions and authenticity. The first person to take part in this project is Vicky Uslé: Spanish-born and raised in New York, she gives life to each bag by painting on the leather, in complete coherence with the concept of the brand, building a dialogue between nature and architecture.

The Blonde Salad: The authenticity of their product and message. It is aimed at a woman with refined tastes, who is interested in art, culture and creativity. They prove that emotions and deep values still exist in fashion.


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The Blonde Salad was founded in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli, evolving from a fashion blog to a fashion, trends and lifestyle magazine. Over the years it has been improving to become a reference in the fashion and luxury sector. It has now taken a step further to become a 360 degree platform for more than fashion and lifestyle experiences. Chiara Ferragni, its founder, is the most popular blogger in the world, collaborating with big designer houses from all over the globe. She has its own brand and has been in the cover of important well-known magazines. 

Nowadays, The Blonde Salad has a big crew that travels the world everyday. 



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