Gaia Observatory Maryam Nassir ZadehThe most exclusive vintage clothing boutique from New York city

Lower East Side, “the old center of the rag trade used to be lined with discount stores. But today, you’ll find some of the best shops in NYC for new designers and vintage on the Lower East Side. From antique jewelry stores to eco-friendly shoe shops, you won’t have any trouble finding one-off items for your wardrobe. Be sure to check out the seasonal Hester Street Fair, which is among the city’s top flea markets“. It was in this distinct neighborhood in Manhattan where Maryam Nassir Zadeh designer decided to locate her exclusive fashion boutique. Boutique considered not only as one of the best shops from the neighborhood, but also from the New York district.

Along with other exclusive boutiques like Assembly New York, The Frankie Shop or The Rising States, Maryam fills her store with her own designs, with this vintage touch that characterizes the street. But there are also other brands that occupy a place among the shelves of Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Emerging brands for which the fashion designer bets and helps to promote themselves by giving away a space in her exclusive fashion boutique.


Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Onesixone

 “As stylist and part-owner of the Lower East Side boutique with her own name, Maryam’s job is to fill her shop with the most discerning and delicately selected pieces

Pieces among you will find Onesixone designs. Filled with pride to occupy a place in this exclusive fashion corner, their models have been part of this dream since they launched their Vicky Uslé collection there. Corner in which they never fail to their daily appointment with New York fashion lovers, to become an indispensable piece in their closets. If you are visiting New York City, do not hesitate to stop by this shop where you will find complete collections of Onesixone. Always accompanied by the sophisticated and minimalist designs of the coveted designer and other wonderful brands.

 Clutch by Onesixone NY




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