Luiza Sobral loves ONESIXONE

Luiza Sobral loves ONESIXONE


Luiza Sobral is 27 years old, has a degree in Marketing from ESPM-RJ, an MBA in Digital Marketing at FGV and a degree in Paris from La Sorbonne University and Fashion Marketing at Marangoni Institute. She worked as a designer at the French agency Publicis, she worked in Milan with the Italian brand Paola Frani, and she was responsible for marketing and e-commerce of one of the main multi-brands of Rio de Janeiro.

Full of charm, Luiza is passionate about the digital world and everything that involves art, business and fashion. In her blog she gives advice, looks and, of course, her carioca lifestyle. There is where she talks about our bag:


Captura de pantalla 2016-01-19 a las 18.12.53  Chic brazilian blogger

“The new Spanish brand of luxury handbags, Onesixone, which has already landed in New York and Madrid now lands in the River in Via Flores, multibrand carioca I love passionate commanded by Sonia Isnard and Joana Nolasco. At the launch event, I was with CEO José Luís González and creative director, Adrian Salvador Candela, dear too, as well as talented and I came to tell you about the “perfect” bag “

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-19 a las 18.16.06She talked about the inspiration and creation process of a Onesixone bag:

“Candela’s inspiration was the golden ratio, the golden ratio, which is considered the pure aesthetic that appears in nature, so much so that the name of the mark are the first three digits of the proportion, 161. And that too is The number of super exclusive copies of each model that will be released to each collection, which will still have the intervention of a plastic artist to decorate them. “

“In her first collection the artist Vicky Uslé was invited to show her brushstrokes, along with jewelry Helena Rohner, responsible for the metal structures. The launch is worldwide and Via Flores was the Brazilian multi-brand chosen. I am in love with the bags, especially for being so versatile and exclusive, then you have to run to guarantee yours! “


Luiza Sobral loves ONESIXONE



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