Lady Gaga wearing ONESIXONE

Lady Gaga wearing ONESIXONE


LADYGAGA ONESIXONE from Vicky UsléWhen we think on Lady Gaga we can not forget her fashionable cool style and her peculiar way of dressing for different events. She likes to be unique and powerful. She understands style like a way of express herself and she has defined her own one. Maybe that is the perfect manner to live fashion, because fashion is also to have fun.

Gaia Bassalt Lady gaga

She chose Gaia Basalt


To attend an event, specifically the dinner of the Oscar Gala nominations in Beverly Hills, Lady Gaga opts for the “Gaia Basalt” bag combined it perfectly with a set of skirt and jacket in pink and orange tones.

Choosing a Spanish brand for events of this nature is a very important milestone for us and more if the singer and influencer shares values with Onesixone brand. These bags are exclusive pieces and fuse art and fashion. She is an icon of this century and we are very thankful for her choice.


An international video


Gaia Bassalt bag by Onesixone was seen by millions of Lady Gaga fans from all around the world. On the day of the event, she shared a very beautiful video in her

social networks in which she “parades” with this bag.

It is an honor to be able to see an international singer of her known and admired professional career wearing a made in Spain bag in an event full of incredible celebrities.


Versatile handbags.


One peculiarity of Onesixone luxury handbags is that they shape whoever wears it and how they worn it. The same piece can be carried by completely different people, with very different styles, but always being on trend.

Onesixone bags are really versatile, because they are ideal for both dining at a restaurant and attending a major event.


Lady Gaga wearing ONESIXONE Gaia Basalt bag at Beverly Hills, february 2016



Lady Gaga wearing onesixonebag Beverly Hills

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