Kelly Beeman for Atelier Doré

Kelly Beeman for Atelier Doré


Kelly Beeman, artist and fashion designer, was interviewed by Garance Doré. The French photographer Garance, showed us the process of growth of Beeman from youth until now, in her blog. How she has become who she is today. Who has taught her what she knows or what inspires her.

In this interview we can see Kelly Beeman from a very young age became interested in painting and drawing. As a child, she played with her sisters to invent stories and illustrate them. In this way, Kelly drew and imagined stories instead of playing with dolls. They had fun and spent time together. Her interest in painting is a quality of her mother. At the age of five, she spent time with her watching how she painted. Her mother is also an artist. She was painting into landscapes and Kelly was watching her. In this way She began to learn and become interested in watercolor. It was at age of 12 when she began to take her first steps in painting. She made paintings on canvases.

In her high school years she learned the most. In those years she was in a visual arts school. Later, she studied sociology.

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Personal style

The style of Kelly is appearing while she is creating. In this article she speaks about that she did not know anything about style two years ago. Just like she does not know how her style will be like in a few years time. For Kelly, her works are the result of the imagination. That is why her style is changing and evolving like her imagination and inspiration.

In Kelly’s words “(…) when I have an idea for a painting I try to look through all the collections and find clothes that express  quality (…) When I have the idea and I’m ready to start painting, I draw the composition in very clean lines and fill the colors using watercolor and mixed media. “

An original full of inspiration style. We can see it in her works and in women bags she has designed for our luxury brand. These bags are immersed in the purest essence of Kelly. In every piece of Kelly’s collaboration we see those fashion illustrations that we identify with the artist. In addition, we can find them in different boutiques distributed by the different capitals of the world. We can also find these exclusive designs on the web.

Kelly Beeman design the new collection for onesixone bag


What inspires her the most are people, fashion and stories.

Her favorite inspirational moment of the day and to paint is in the morning.  As she now paints on oil, she often leaves cloths dry at night. Then, when she wakes up she is much more motivated and excited to continue working.

Kelly works at home, in an New York city apartment.  Although it is not very big, it´s  an ideal place for her. That’s where she has  everything at hand and where she expresses herself. She also has a piano where she can be distracted after an intense day. 

Kelly has not yet exhibited her work in any gallery. Despite this, she may soon be in Los Angeles. She is looking forward for it and she is very excited.


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