Joana Nolasco, brazilian fashion influencer

Joana Nolasco, brazilian fashion influencer

Joana Nolasco wearing the ONESIXONE Gaia Small Basalt


Joana Nolasco brazilian fashion influencer wears onesixone

Joana Nolasco is a frequent Brazilian in the most important capitals of streetstyle, like The Sartorialist, Garance Doré and Face Hunter. Despite studying and graduating in Law from PUC Rio, she left that profession to engage in fashion, her true passion:

“For me it is a pleasure to see collections, fashion shows, that fascinates me in a way that I can not explain. I also like the fun side of fashion, to play with all its possibilities, ” said Nolasco in an interview for BossaMe.


Successful business

With her grandmother, Sonia Isnard, this young Brazilian assumed in 2005 the coordination of Via Flores, one of the most traditional multi-brands in Rio de Janeiro. Joana was responsible for the arrival of numerous important international brands of the fashion scene at Via Flores, and Onesixone is one of them. On the other hand, also with her grandmother, she was the idealizer of the e-commerce brand that was launched with an innovative pop-up store where all merchandise could be bought by cell phone using QR codes. Thanks to Joana, Via Flores was updated, attracting new younger consumers who began to take an interest in this multi-brand space.


Famous in the fashion world

In addition to all her professional career, Joana became famous for her impeccable style. Brazil started talking about her when she was photographed by the great blogger Scott Schuman during the Fashion Rio. Joana declared about those photos: “I recognized him but I did things my own way while many people stayed walking towards him waiting to be photographed. When he asked me to photograph me, I looked back and asked him if he was serious”, recalls a modest Joana who also posed for Scott’s wife, Garrett, who is also a blogger. “As I am an assiduous reader of the Sartorialist, I knew that Scott almost never left comments about the photos. I was so proud when he wrote about me”. From that moment she became the muse of Scott who calls her “my new fashion star”.

Nowadays Joana is considered an example of fashion woman, she is intelligent, a mother and a businesswoman. Diana Vreeland, Coco Chanel and all women with attitude are for her an example to follow, “women who are not afraid to dare and be different”.



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