Jewelries at fashion, a durable and extraordinary relation.

Jewelries at fashion, a durable and extraordinary relation.



It is well known that jewelries have always been the perfect accessory for every woman, the best ally to give a personal essence to the look. The ideal gift that has always been welcome, and never fail.

But beyond its materialistic concept, jewels are an accessory capable to define a woman, to transmit in each step she takes security and empowerment. The jewels represent an artistic way of human expression at the same time the music or painting does.

Along the years, many women have become an inspiration for other women for her capacity to shine and look singular, which is the case of Caroline of Monaco and Charlotte Casiraghi. Sources of inspiration where to be reflected for the culmination of an outfit with singular earrings, neckless or ring.

Meanwhile, other women such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Beyonce have been an inspiration in another way, because of its risky and extravagant outfits with flashy jewelry, taking fashion and personality to another level.

On the other side, fashion, in its constant evolution, has known how to apply the concept of jewel to dresses and shoes. In this way, it is remarkable to remember celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sofía Vergara or Nicole Kidman looking in authentic dresses like a piece of jewelry, that looks like more to a piece of art rather than a red-carpet dress. Important to highlight the unforgettable dress of 6,000 pearls that the actress Lupita Nyong´o showed off.

Nowadays, it is not only understood by jewel pieces such as earrings rings, neckless, bracelet and chokers. It means that the jewel accessories in fashion has taken a much more special and important sense, becoming present in belts, shoes, brooches, headdresses and bags, being one of the most important accessory for women. It is in that way how the bag has turn to become an object as precious as a jewel and the ideal present for any occasion.

It is because of all this why it must not seem strange the relation between jewels and ONESIXONE bags. Those ones define by personalities around the world like a totally jewel. Both treat about the artistic expression: jewels that represent the women essence, ONESIXONE bags that represent the personality and intrinsic thoughts of the artist. ONESIXONE is an artistic jewel with details in gold, inspired by the jewelry designer Helena Rhoner, what make it even more valuable and empower.


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Jewelries at fashion, a durable and extraordinary relation.


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