Influencers wear Onesixone luxury bags

Influencers wear Onesixone luxury bags


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The queens of social media choose Onesixone  

When a product convinces, it can become a referent. Onesixone is growing in the sector of luxury handbags, reaching the great international fashion prescribers, not only through reference boutiques but also in its online handbags store.

It seems impossible in the 21st century, that a brand triumphs without regard to social networks. And within the whole universe of communication in networks, there are always characters that stand out: the fashion influencers. The queens of the website universe are trends dictators and a referent for followers of the fashion world.

“An influencer is a person who has some credibility on a specific subject, and can become an interesting prescriber for a brand by his/her presence and influence in social networks

Influencer Onesixone luxury design handbags Gabriela Palatchi

Onesixone has also conquered instagrammers and celebrities hearts. Our luxury handbags have been and are protagonists of successful outfits and proposals. In Instagram, photography social network par excellence, there are not only ideas of looks with our bags, but there is also a profile about our brand: @onesixonebag

Some of the fashionable women who wear Onesixone’s luxury designer handbags are: Michelle Obama, Chiara Ferragni, Fiona Ferrer, Joana Nolasco, Gabriela Palatchi, Maria Bernad, Conchy Copé, Marta Carriedo, Adriana Abascal, Maja Malnar, Rosa Crespo , Jessi Malay, Lisa Dengler, Tania Sarin, Ays Yuva, Jeanne Gray, among other important fashion personalities. They have been able to demonstrate the versatility of Onesixone designer handbags, which can be worn in formal or day-to-day events. Many of them will meet us at our next presentation this weekend in Los Angeles. Follow us on our social networks to not miss anything. 


Influencer Onesixone luxury design handbags María Bernad
Kelly Beeman’s collection is already on sale, and has managed to conquer not only our followers, but also the critique of the best international magazines. If you are interested in knowing more about this latest collection, discover more here.

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