In the skin of ONESIXONE

In the skin of ONESIXONE



Since the humans began to dress, they have used the animals’ skins for making clothe. Nowadays the use of hide is a synonymous of craft and luxury. The skin doesn’t appear only in the clothe, it is also used for the all types of details and complements.


Hight raw material for ONESIXONE


Hides in fashion world

 One of the most common skins and most present in the fashion world is the leather. This raw material is the result of the tanned animal’s skin. The leather clothe is a constant trend and the protagonist of so much celebrities’ styles. This tissue is possible to found it in winter collections as well as in shorts or miniskirts. This way you could get a coolest outfit regardless of the time of the year.


According to the treatment that it receives, the leather can have different finishes. Some of them are the Patent leather or the nappa. The first one is the leather cover with some layers of varnish. On the other hand, the nappa is a material obtained by the smooth leather tanned to chromium. The result is a very soft skin perfect for their use in all kind of clothes and complements.


The second great protagonist in the skins world is the suede. This material is characterized by to be very soft and delicate. As well as the leather, it is used for all the clothing but their use is more common in complements. Some of the more usual are bags, shoes, belts or gloves.


The natural fur is also a way in which the skin is used in fashion. In this case, the most important thing is to show off the beauty of the fur of the animal itself. In last fashion seasons, we could see how this material has been one of the main tissue in the catwalks.  It has been the king of the winter clothing.




Quality, craft and exclusivity are the values of our brand, values that are transmitted to each ONESIXONE handbag. This philosophy cannot be understood without the use of quality materials, as the python skin, the leather, the suede or the nappa.  A luxury raw material that is treated by the hand of the leather artisans of Ubrique. Handicraft professionals that have obtained a great prestige by their careful work.

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