Gaia Fibonacci: python exclusivity

Gaia Fibonacci: python exclusivity


Onesixone, the golden ratio, perfection, exclusivity. Exactly 161 unique pieces in each collection, the Spain bags brand take a step forward.

Gaia Fibonacci is an extra limited edition of our iconic Gaia bag”

With just 5 pieces in each model, onesixone covers each piece with the most delightful leather recreating phyton skin. Numbered and signed by its designer Anna Talens, to the perfect hexagonal shape based on the golden ratio are added metallic finishing touches characteristics from the exclusive models. In this way, the brand gives rise to the manifestation of exclusivity in its maximum apogee that you will be eager to have in your hands.

gaia small phyton natural front

The eternal animal print


“An eternal trend rescued” followed each season. “The animal print is a classic, a must (…) capable of seizing coats, skirts, blouses and all possible accessories“, among them, the eternal bag. This kind of print has become a must in all closets. And is the phyton, without doubt, the most versatile animal print when it comes to combining and completing a look. Thanks to its neutral colours, the phyton fits perfectly with each garment. Besides, is inevitable to mention the elegant and sensual touch that it provides. Therefore, is not surprising that it has been chosen by the Spain bags brand to star in it most exclusive collection.

Anna Talens collection onesixone pyhton

Four models, four natural elements


A collection which moves to the deepest of the jungle, that you will find in our purse boutiques. Undoubtedly is Python Natural the wildest bag of all models, giving your outfit the sensual and elegant touch that every animal print provides. With a completely neutral tone, Phyton Brown model evokes the element of flora and fauna. Matching with each garment, it is without doubt the perfect complement for your look. Blue, the colour of the water, of the sea immensity. Essential component of any form of life, also of the model Phyton Blue from this exclusive fashion collection. And it couldn’t miss the elegance colour par excellence, dyeing the Phyton Black. With glossy touches, the bright in this model reinvent the classic colour colouring a bag that will captivate you just by looking it.


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