Chris Pitanguy

Chris Pitanguy

Chris Pitanguy wearing the ONESIXONE Gaia Small Corona


Brazilian influencer Chris Pitanguy with Gaia Corona Onesixone

Christina Pitanguy, popularly known as “Chris Pitanguy”, is a Brazilian celebrity, entrepreneur and digital influencer, and owner of the brand that carries her name. Through this brand, the influencer is dedicated to the advice of internationally known luxury brands, and provides some strategies to follow to help them grow in different markets. The brand also offers the sale of trendy and fashionable items.  

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In addition, Chris Pitanguy assiduously collaborates with magazines and websites such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, where she publishes her own fashion and luxury market’ articles both nationally and internationally. She also takes part as a Forbes magazine member in her home country, and stands out as the co-founder of the #euajudo Foundation, which actively operates with social plans in Brazil. In 2015, she was named by the French magazine L’Officiel as one of the thirty major influencers of the fashion scene, and it was not surprising, since she has a large number of followers in her social networks and profiles. Specifically, her Instagram profile has more than three hundred thousand followers. 

In her website you will discover the latest in international fashion and style: catwalks, streetstyle, trends, looks and celebrities, interviews, travel, beauty or events among many other interesting articles, which are a reference in this universe .

gaia Large Corona pink lookGaia Small Corona

The expert in fashion and luxury has been seen wearing the Gaia Small Corona bag from ONESIXONE several times, the model with one of the most emblematic designs of the firm, as a result of the creativity of the artist Vicky Uslé. The functionality that adds its small size, and the originality of the traces that have been shaped on it, make this bag such a practical yet exclusive piece, which demonstrates the personality and concept of the ONESIXONE brand in all its essence.


Gaia Small Corona
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