Autumn trends

Autumn trends



This new autumn/winter season comes full of color. It is time to lay aside the total classic looks like black or grey, giving more space to new autumnal looks. The accessories are going to catch the main attention during this cold months. And some clothes that appeared during the last month are going to remain this new season.


Print and fashion colors.


This autumn/winter, the plaid print and the strong colors are going to be some of the most outstanding trends.


The garment with plaid is the top trend, as it is seen in the different rows and fashion weeks. The Vichy plaid can be found this season in all type of clothes from coat and jacket to skirts and trousers.


Strong and shiny colors have arrived to fill this season up of happiness and colors. This range of colors can be found mostly in clothes such as sweaters and accessories like bags and shoes.


Favorites garments.


The garment par excellence this season is the oversize coat. This clothe is a must in all type of colors and prints. In addition, it has the peculiarity that it provides that glamour essence to any basic look. A perfect and casual outfit can be a skinny jeans, t-shirt or white blouse and an oversize coat.


The mules arrived the last spring/summer collection to stay. Although now, the texture is going to vary. In this case, the fashion shoes can be found in autumnal texture like velvet.

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Regarding the bags, as it has been said previously, the strong colors are going to have a huge presence. But also, there are other trends that are remarkable in the fashion shows such as tassels and leather. Leather bags are one of the stronger trends this season, as it has been appreciated during the Paris show.


It is precisely the leather one of the main characteristics of the luxury bags company ONESIXONE BAG. On the different luxury boutiques and it is web page it can be found a great variety of bags in a wide range of seasonal colors. There are also in original prints.


The top accessories.


Without any doubt, there is an accessory that has arrived this season at the top. The big and attractive earrings.

During last season, there have been rings and chokers as strong trends. There was a long time since the earrings were the main characters. Even in the last season, there was no presence of earrings, but now it seems they have arrived to stay long.

Another accessory that is going to keep the attention is the beret. The authentic Parisian accessory is going to enter in our wardrobe this Autumn/Winter. It is THE complement that appears in at least one photo of the top influencers of this fashion world.


The hair color is also fashionable.


¿Who said that the hair color or length is not a trend?


A new hair color and its technic has arrived at our beauty salon. It is a new color that fits both blondes and brunettes. This is the cream soda, the most wanted color by celebrities. It is based on a color that provides light and clarity in the face but does not share any similarity with blonde. It can be considered a mix between brunette and blonde.


Another trend in hair color is balayage highlights. This effect that is also characterized by providing light and clarity to the face, as it has been seen on many celebrities. In this case, the difference is that although the highlight is very fine, it goes from the roots to the tips, and in those parts, that the face needs lighter.


There are no excuses to wear at the latest fashion this season.


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Autumn trends


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