Art and fashion: the limited edition

Art and fashion: the limited edition


It’s beautiful to see how mass production allows us having an artwork in our own hands. But, does it subtract exclusivity to the work originality? The limited edition multiple art brings us the answer. All limited editions:

“Ensure infinite multiplication of images, safeguarding the mass diffusion of multiple art (…) It is understood by multiple works of limited edition to any artistic work that reproduces works identical or similar to an initial work that the artist decides to reproduce”.

Being possible to have in our hands an art work, is the numbering of all his pieces, together with the signature of the artist, the seal of guarantee which offers the limited edition claimed.

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Onesixone, when art and fashion goes by the hand

How many times have you heard about fashion as art? The Spanish handbag brand makes this phrase a reality, makes its product a real artwork. Makes from fashion, art and from art, fashion. More than a product, it is a unique piece impossible to reduce to limited editions. More than a luxury product, a canvas borrowed each season to an artist who recreates in it his vision of the brand concept: the golden ratio.

The divine proportion that “has been included in designs of numerous architectural and art works (…) It is synonymous with balance, harmony and beauty for its sound, its emotional load and its balance, as visual as graphic. The harmony sense is transmitted by being a palindrome number”, number of units each limited edition collection have. 

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Exclusivity in 161 limited edition

It seems impossible to deny the exclusivity to an artistic piece with such quality not only in it design, but also in it execution. Execution that also deserves the surname of art. Taking care of even the smallest stitch, each bag has been handcrafted by the craftsmen par excellence, the saddlers from Ubrique. 161 handbags in which golden ratio it’s not only reflected on their units number, but also in the balance proportions in which they have been based for their design that you’ll find in our purse boutiques. Perfection in all the senses, balance, exclusivity, golden ratio: the limited edition.


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