Anna Talens by Adrian Salvador

Anna Talens by Adrian Salvador


onesixone artist Anna Talens

This second collection is the result of a joint action between the artist, Anna Talens, and ONESIXONE, the perfect merger of a company’s imaginary with the language of an artist. A selection of facilities, sculptures and designs that prompt a certain story in which objects and artworks perform, postulate, dialogue and thrill us too.

The essence of the artist

Under the title “Endless”, we want to highlight that, above any work materiality, there is a creative and conceptual gesture. The whole collection is, in itself, an art exhibition, a conceptual installation, a work of works.

Our look, curious and inquisitive at first, then progressively swindler, allows itself to be won over by the initial surprise we almost always undergo when entering a strange place, whose inside is discerned full of familiar but detached objects and sensations. That look comes to rest on unsuspected details and on more recognisable ones, though similarly desirable.

Designing process Anna talens and Adrian Salvador

Anna plays with a series of objects, creating associations and contrasts that never stop: shapes, forms, textures, words… structure, the passage of time, balance, visual paradox, repetition and, above all, a desire of deleafing and pureness.

Inspiration for luxury

The collection, either close or enigmatic, is likely to be approached from every single aspect, as an integrated whole addressing women and men of our time. Each artwork dialogues and questions by means of a conceptual, formal and, at the same time, sensitive staging.

Anna Talens and Adrián Salvador interview

Anna draws on the ancient Japanese philosophy that sees beauty in the everyday, in humble, imperfect and incomplete objects, revering austerity and nature. Without pretension and with a human imprint on every one of them, they are pure poetry.

This collection is available on the web. You can also find this handbags collection in different luxury boutiques located in several cities of the world. To see the complete collection visit Onesixone official website.


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